Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



Life’s beauty is in health and laughter spontaneous,
But lurking in seconds ahead, something snaps like a twig in the wind,
Deadening the moment and spiraling into a flooding stream,
That flattens the merry lilies and ferns at the banks,
Silence is golden in wise held accounts,
But a razor in a child’s hand with loud screeches,
Life’s beauty is in hope and Faith beyond imagination,
It’s why seasons speak so volubely in change,
From the flirting crops in green sway,
To the pride of harvest in plenty,
But the farmer and the rainmaker knows,
Some seasons make and some seasons break,
Fair trade in taking the good with the rude,
Is the pain of gain in pain,
And the wonder of perceptions based on measurements,
That too far and too much, can bring too little too soon or vice versa,
Hence, in breaking, whether intentional or accidental,
The parameters lay in how you would feel being served the same,
Break none unless it’s the earth to plant in due season,
In a way, all life is fragile like glass however reinforced,
And like grass it’s beautiful to walk on, especially on bare feet.



A smile in a drizzly morning, greetings over a cloudy line,
How goes there buddy, just checking on you,
Just thinking of you now my friend,
Long time no see, missed you,
How’s the weather there, here’s damn cold,
Sending you hugs and love just because,
You are quiet lately, you ok?
Heard you are down with this ghastly flu dear, quick recovery,
And O sincerely sorry for your loss,
Little words that carry tons,
Long before you take that trip unavoidable,
To say nothing to the silent,
A little light of kindly concern,
Could have been a memory and not the memorial,
That we so embrace in guilty liden hearts,
When silence makes a final divide.
Make your little light count today.



WHEN, you meet life in the familiar and familial, what joy and tidings of belongingness,
Till, you meet a heart and heavens glows with mystery of love,
Then, you glance the gift of fertile romance and paradise blooms,
At the visit of heart ache and fresh graves, gravity of grief dims the sun,
But when, and if,
Beyond the hoarded wish for self, mortality wanes at dusk,
Remember history accounts for past,
And past is pain and joy for all flesh,
Build a new will per chance call it gratitude,
For daily, life gives and takes in it’s scale,
Cycles of new on old blocks in life’s status quo,
So sing this song of life with all phases known and not,
Reflect often, how worse off another is,
Not to gloat but reminder of how winds change direction,
And this MOMENT that you now know chose to shine in it,
Tomorrow belongs to none even as we plan for it,
And kindly treat fellow travelers for your feel if injured,
Is still pain.
For pain is pain and knows no Lord or serf.

Nancy Ndeke


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