Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt


The Eyes Of Heaven:

Dimensional wonder,
Salvation in slumber,
Profound slumbering,
Dreaming salvation,
Why you stand on,
O, You blunder,
Sit own thorn Yours deeds,
Accept your crown yours bleeds,
Whom you blame must yourself,
Enjoy your deeds Yours Destiny,
Why you crying in desert,
You the men of curse & crown,
God’s wondrous you make it worst,
Now your thorn your curse your crown,
Now burn in fire in your hell at heaven,
Heart & Soul talking together,
Land & sky whether meeting together,
Togethers flying on seventh sky
Heart as a priest,
Soul become disciple,
Still hearts frustrate to its pristine,
Curse less crown never been find,
Still soul silent sitting in shrine,
Salvation in grips of mortals brine,
Heart & soul become east & west,
Living together as mist & frost,
Journey immortals dreamings groom,
Old Monk announcing,
From deserted lands,
Valley pronouncing his rhythmic sense,
I’m bathing in pyre’s flame,
She is smiling,
Secrets hold!

@Lomas Kumar Bhatt.
All Rights Reserved.


The Eyes Of Heaven:

Manifestation of perpetual presentation,
Spontaneous reflection,
In Heaven’s corona,
And Hell’s cornea on Mother-earth,
The Third Eyes of Heaven,
Always awaken though static state now,
With centric the Upside-down tree,
Truth of universe the sign of existence,
Sudden The Third eyes of heaven,
Turned on it’s axis to Mountain-high,
Where She dancing with ashes,
Almost covered with ashes,
Ashes of creatures of Mother-earth,
Seven Sage reciting,
The Hymns of universe,
(Om Brahmanand Vishweshari
Twam Namami Vishwan,
Twam Chara Charashya Om!…O, Deity (Mother)of universe of all beings be pleased!)
Her dazzling body,
Clones the dozens of deities,
Birth of many planets and stars,
Getting life through ashes & Her lights,
Slowly clouds covered the whole sky,
Divine clouds of universal breathe,
Within the veins of Heavenly-clouds,
Milky-river of the cosmos flowing on sky,
Its blessings of universe,
Water coming from another universe,
Over on Her head,
Water & ashes mixed together,
Flowing down to it’s destination,
Mother-earth embracing,
Her heavenly essence of life,
Aghora playing Pellet-drum,
Dancing desperately,
On Earth’s crematory,
After a long time,
Aghora’s Pellet-drum announcing,
Pronouncing a declaration of universe,
A psalm of spirit & hymns of Princess,
Deity of Earth smile again,
Mother-earth embracing Aghora,
Her lovely & precious child,
Miraculous creation of Almighty,
On the beats of Pellet drumming,
Dancing desperately in her garden,
Getting life as blessings of heaven,
Every one returned to their’s destination,
Though She hold my hand to crematory,
Perhaps human never been pious,
Even after death in soul,
She entered with holding my hand
In to high flaming pyre,
To bath in fire divine,
One of the pious fire of the universe,
The fire of pyre a psalm of sound,
Where body burnt to ashes,
Fire of existence & life,
Within the pyre,
Slowly I’m loosing my sense,
I fell down in her lap,
Saw before been senseless
She holding my head in her lap,
With smile in tearful eyes,
Secrets hold!

@Lomas Kumar Bhatt.
All Rights Reserved.


The Eyes Of Heaven:

Wonderful pronunciation,
With divine exclamation,
Reach to top of the zenith,
On high pitch melody,
Spreads all over,
On my horizon unknown,
Unknown Source of melody,
Unknown beats of lyrics,
Unknown sounds of sherine,
Unknown melody of brine,
Hit hard smoothly,
Unknown depth in to mine,
Who singing this song,
From far behind the horizon,
“Grant me alms O Princess of Heaven,
Assemble me,
With suns moons & fire,
Assemble me,
With rivers oceans & lakes,
Assemble me,
With deer lion & peacock,
Assemble me,
With dawn dusk & night,
Assemble me,
With life sorrows & death,
Assemble me,
With sooth sad & gloom,
Assemble me,
With bless curse & joy,
Assemble me,
With Your’s heads mouths & hearts,
Assemble me,
With Your’s hands feet & imaginations,
Grant me alms O Princess of Heaven,
Just to make a garland,
For my soulmate my Princess,
I want to make Her immortal,
I accept thousands of death in lieu of,
But when I’ll come in your world,
Want to live in Her charm’s dukedom,
And death in Her immortal arms,
Grant me alms O Princess of Heaven,”
Oh! This wonderful melody,
Thrilled my whole existence,
I turned to the Princess of Heaven,
Sitting beside unconcerned,
On stone at Heavenly-crematory,
She pointed her finger on the cave,
In the forest at Mother-earth,
Oh! That’s I’m,
But who is She?
I don’t recall,
What a surprise,
Sudden Princess stand,
Hit on my head & moved to heaven,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

@Lomas Kumar Bhatt.
All Rights Reserved.

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