ZHA Jingzhou (China)

ZHA Jingzhou (China)
ZHA Jingzhou, an outstanding contemporary Chinese poet, was born in 1964 in Tianchang city, Anhui Province of China with a master diploma. He is member of the Chinese Poetry Society and Anhui Writers’ Association. His works are scattered in the Monthly Poetry Monthly, Poetry Selected, Writer’s World, Famous Works, Prose Poetry World, and other periodicals and a variety of selected books. He also published a collection of poems Lights and Nights.
You Can Never Betray a Calendar
All of us will walk in the same riddle solution
Of the same maze. There’d always be
Some finger tearing open the black-and-white advantage of nature
Giving to a spiritual picture frame
The agitated source and trace of a heart
To obey the lofty transmigration and eternal abstinence is destined
In a flash of moment
To fall or be reborn, while a person
With the repeated bird-like vastness, has to transform slyly
In the tribal war of its inner world
To arrange for a strange world with transferred wound everyday
Two dates hesitate in the passageway alertly
A shake and their mortal bodies get senile
The plot accidentally devoured in every day
Echoes everybody of their previous life
Standing on the silent river bed
We can never again visit
The pitfall of our past
Windows trim us, yet seem to need us to prop them up
They extract from us and give to us ladder-like steepness and rush
The complete fence besieges and mends
The naïve and flawed truth of human in this mundane world
We will wait till they, with a spiritual hand of some sort
Carve a memorial word out of somebody’s frivolousness
And put it in a context shared and approved
Unfathomable Darkness of the Glasses
This is darkness left all alone
Black shadows cannot
Persuade and assimilate the closest neighbor
Different causes and consequences
Are releasing and transforming different looks of everything
Standing against the wind, I hold in hand world the adopted orphan
Boundless darkness rushing over, forging mirror’s
Arbitrariness and oppression
But in fact an accidental flight
Can disperse the domestic crows and fragments before the eye
Simulating the true night a million times, simulating
The primary and final lights of things
But my loom cannot weave the dark brocade
An act simulating gods has no
Star or eternal light
To gather for it, to shine or to witness
Still we need narrate human and gods with darkness
And all the preliminary kinship of the dark mystery
And the stories of elements passing down
Along the vein of darkness that twists and turns
We look for the sea connecting us, to find
The dark surge and the spiritual fish raised in the cloak of the witch
And the hierogram, the magic that divide all in half by the cosmos
Another Stagnant Clock
No complete promise
Yet giving the calmness and vastness of a rebel
It is the token and millstone of itself
Not allowing a river to
Go for the radian without restrain
Beyond the biased different calculation and accents from strange land
Looking at us from a firm perspective
Is like a seemingly reading into the suspended maze and ruins
The chess-playing hearts of the same scale embrace destiny of their own
Telling the whole world that most of time is not correct
A sting in the heart releases more of the guts
Translated by Brent O. Yan

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