Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka

Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka


In Ashes Of The Past

I have traversed the deepest recesses
Of my own memory.
I have encircled it same- like,
Ivy entwines walls around
Of mystery tower.
I have immersed myself into ashes of the past,
Where reality has coincided with reveries,
Right behind the closed door.
Trying to unlock it with willpower,
My mind has exhausted the energy deposit.
And powerlessness took over the rudder of my faith,
That I will not find answeres for the questions in ashes of the past,
Which would lead me to the treasury of my future life.


Your Faith In Me

The curtain of night fell,
It hindered the rays even at the dawn,
Time of the day blurred the crescent of my longing,
It’s time to set out on a journey of no return,
At the end, I know, I shall shed glassy tears,
And when the wind will oscillate me,
My love will fall asleep,
Only your faith in me will awaken me,
And my love which resides within.



Invisible hand,
As if a touch of an angel,
Perceptible like a warm caress,
That breaks the chill of air.
It stifles the fear of heart,
Solace for the soul and mind.


The Sleepless Nights

Do you love as I love these sleepless nights?
Blessed with moonlight and stars,
When my world twines with yours,
And our souls run towards each other,
When you open your mouth wide
And you desire to yell out your longing,
When your mind follows the light,
And the body lies limply,
Do you love as I love these sleepless nights?
These are our shared heaven in uncertain times.

2020 © Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka

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