Poems by Wisdom Isah

Poems by Wisdom Isah


Fall in love …

As the rain drops bubbles of singing glee,
into the ocean river of tears,
falling in love with the drizzles,
as silence noise calmed down the nerves of gravity,
the winds plays a cellos,
falling in love with the moment.

Open up your heart and fall in love,
with the breathe, bliss, blessings,
that surrounds the beauty of life.

Take your hands out of the broken bottles,
it hurts, stop going back to visit the misery of pain,
Arise! and surely you will see the radiance of merriment,
performing a ballet with the tides of sweet memories,
if you fall in love with letting go.

Take the World stage with your stars,
fall in love with the sun of determination ,
give your dreams a feet to walk on Water.

Why keep wearing the facemask of regret?
staying isolated in fear,
why keep playing those bitter lines?
crowning depression every night,
when you are the miracle of amazing grace.

Take your life out from the abyss of tormented Hell,
and give it to the joy, mirth, forgiveness,
which runs in your inner Heaven..
fall in love…


Resplendence of Joy..

After the orchestras of angelic shimmers performs a spellbinding spring of flawless sparkle,
it sends the harbinger of beauty to flock joy into the pictures of Nature photograph.

Whose heart cherishes the mellifluous tunes of soothing shines,
Surrender it ease to the wealth of plausible serenity.

The ocean writes verses full of platonic tenderness,
inking goodness,
milk with stupendous bliss,
as the grace of the rays romances the letters written in her words.
flickering blissful memories to the emotions of the wonderful sea creatures.

Crescendo of a thousand trees bonds together,
the forest surrender its heart to all the silent leaves,
it cherishes even the little buds,
which find love in the arms of her Mother.

In such a time mirth dears to cry,
for such moment of magic ,
would forever live in the mirror of unforgettable days.

The birds surrender their voice to achieve a masterpiece of brilliance,
stars of lambent gold rest in the rhythms of their flow,
for they cherish this moment,
create memories while dancing in the extraordinary rain of delight.

We must surrender our fear,
if we want to feel the cherish zephyr of liberty.
We must learn to forgive,
if we desire to let love lead,
We must surrender our past
to live in the cherish presence of the future.

The blessings of this awakening
the sparkle that will accompany the shine in the forthcoming days
will resonate a cherish rainbow of splendor
and surrender the soul to the resplendence of joy…


Love is the purest beauty…

Love is the purest beauty anyone can possess,
Love carries the light of hope to everyone,
it heals, it persevere, it lives on.

Love is the greatest,
anyone who abide by love is great,
Love nestled the Sun of happiness,
love shines the beams of joy,
Love keeps no record of grudges,
Love liberates the soul from hate.

Love is waiting to be you,
to whisper stars of amazing grace,
to flourish your memories with goosebumps from Heaven,
into the Paradise,
right there in your soul…

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