Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young



Here I am
once again ,
life within.
Another year ,
passed, forward ,
a new season
Tread on with life ,
with a willingness
to grow .Let the
seed take root
and flourish .
Bask in the
playful tune
of the spring
breeze , so
close the clock
ticks , as time
slips , fallen into
what will be ,
death of winter
swallow me



I return time again
to this ole place , to
wet my toes and feel
nature caress my
face . Feels like an old
friend , invites me in ,
no matter how long
it’s been . I whisper
secrets that I know
she hears , carried
in the wind she dries
my tears.
I struggle at goodbyes
when it’s time to go ,
she knows I come
just to relax and take
in the love she shows .

Sabrina Young ©

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