LOST PARADISE / Poem by Susana Roberts

Poem by Susana Roberts



The empty orchards will come
the sentence to the reckless
the end for the weak
the memory of those who are no longer

will be the care of the body and soul
a dew of different landscapes
spiritual goodness without brakes

if we change, bringing universal love
it will be the end of the ego

in the cup of life
different challenges
compassion, anger at the same time
fear, a teacher and apprentice

It will be the time of true light
what is sown and built
no false idols
hope and faith
in lost paradise .


Social isolation

As a messenger of peace from literature I have insisted on carrying principles of love, respect and harmony. Many years, together with my dear brothers in the same mission we have taken the word Peace to other horizons and borders, with our reflections, conferences and poetry we have watered many sceneries of the world with great results and individual satisfactions that will forever mark our existence.

Today, during this social isolation we return to that important and positive silent work trying to rethink what this will be like from the ethics, aesthetics and a service that our profession provides to others. I ask myself and I ask you, who will we be after the pandemic? Will we discover within ourselves that lost paradise?

If we survive this time, it will be thanks to our internal discipline of conservation and love for everything that surrounds us, of facing and seeing how much we know ourselves! How we evaluate love for the neighbor! How deep we flow in universal love! if we do not take care of this, we will help the pandemic to spread towards the internal horizons, causing anxiety, sadness, depression and others.

I am sure of something: it will be the fall of the ego, the change of today demands of us a great task of transformation towards individual authenticity, change that will appear or not, depends on each one and in what way we have reflected in this time of separation , strangeness and memories, the result will be the truth in itself, deep, from the soul, recognizing the other and its circumstance, that other different soul, naive, passionate, aggressive, fragile, brave, weak, facing the same situation. Today more than ever it is our task to rethink unconditional love, because all emotions are pressured, from isolation we will be more fortified in that internal dialogue. If we act from the universal light source we will be able to face all situations and not destroy each other, because beyond the pandemic there will be subsequent crises, the thirst for dominance, hunger, lack of water and other possible cataclysms.

In whatever way we can, let us work from a healthy, genuine, attentive, observant, respectful, altruistic spirit and meditate on daily prayers, in our way of doing it, whatever the faith we have, today more than ever we have to be disciplined to accept the patient tolerance for understanding the living confrontation of each day from the joyous protection received from heaven. In this communication today, I pray that everyone be safe and well.

Copyright-Susana Roberts. May 12, 2020.

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