Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
Man of Ice
Having soothing kiss, she says- who can confer such infinite happiness he’s the undying human.
Experiencing abundant bloom of flowers with my miracle touch, she narrates- I’m the perpetual fragrance.
Creating subterranean stream on the chest of rains, she addresses- It’s a deathless man of dream.
Generating affectionate oasis in the longest desert, she tells- I’m the eternal poet.
Observing my unquenchable flame of glory, she mentions- It’s the indestructible daystar of Azure.
Seeing the utterly defeat of enemy’s tent with my sharpened weapons of silence, she notes- I’m the imperishable sword.
Auditing the sharing of my melodious tone in the melancholic fair of human, she expresses – I’m the authentic grammar of immortal love!
Throwing all the attractive titles, I utters-I’m the man of Ice; how can I carry such mythical names?
I’m being, constantly, melted by the heat of time.
Human Life
In the absence of love, human lives move on with ferocity,
Thirst of amour can turn into tearful orison.
Who could provide such a peaceful assignation as I did?
There was none who would be capable to tie up the necklace of grassy love on abandoned throat?
Coming out the sigh where they vanish,
That sky was the only deed of romance between you and I;
That you’re the mere possessor of a poor bedstead –
Even only for the midnight!!
Why have I not realized the story of your penance?
Every story needs not to be narrated from the storyteller, even life’s tale also!
Them falling off leaves, troublous wave of addled water,
Glaring land of drought, the sparking flame of kiln,
The thunder of the cerulean, showery – rainy night,
Them all are the symbolic voice of life.
The length of life is as like as twinkling of eyes
thus I perceived your molten existence before I ask for.
Yet- don’t place wailing in the bottom of heart!
Everyone’s life is pathetic – painful alike Anabus,
Every wound is to be observed with self eyes-
Unto the last breathe consumed.

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