A virtual world / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny


A virtual world

Time passes softly
Like a silent river,like a cloud
While..waiting solely
Behind Foggy sights,and muted sounds

The walls of the house,became borders
In my corner,I started building a virtual world
Sunny days on fields of lavender
In fragrant forests,in green and gold..

I climbed mountains, embraced by the light..
Touched the sky ,with prayers and sounds..
Leaden with longing, for peaceful hights..
Lost in nature’s beauty
and haven’s bound…

And , when I hear the song of night
I returned to my colored, canvas of life.
Lost and found between dark and light..
Purchasing the twilight after this Aching strife…

O..Corona,open doors to freedom
With no fear of sorrow..no hurting pain
To live normally, and return to a loving home
To hug..to love to dance in the rain….

By Hana Shishiny
May 2020
(C) all rights reserved

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