Floriselda Camejo Hernández (Cuba- USA)

Floriselda Camejo Hernández (Cuba- USA)


Floriselda Camejo Hernández (Holguín Cuba, October 10) Narrator and poet, you have published with Art Emporium the poetry book Los caminos de mi alma and with Editorial Primigenios the novels Flores inocentes, Unidos por el Destino and Flores en el Banilo. The story books The garden of destiny and The good heart of the king as well as the poems The costume of my soul is made of patches and Thorns in my garden. Editorial Hispana published his Anthology Cuba Poetica, Editorial OPA, from India as the only author in America, among others. Editorial OPA 3 regularly publishes its poems in English. General founder of the group of poets and writers Cuba poetry. It has in process of publishing the newspaper of my soul and other titles.


Poems by Floriselda Camejo Hernández



No one knows there is a clamor in the silence
of my soul, bitter, moonless.
No one knows a piece of me exists
heart broken by feeling the pain of others.
I gather pieces of past joys
to keep him alive, so he doesn’t die.
No, just now, this spring,
that has left me so many and sad goodbyes.
The rosebush of my dark faith has been reborn
in the starlight of hope
the horizon blooms in the light of dawn
and feed a new world
in the eyes of the rising sun.
Green shoots bloom, of peace, and love
that shed in the arms of time
and rise from the winters springs.
Hope flourishes that illuminates the feet
of men of faith reborn from chimeras
And from the tears of the people flowed
seeds of resurrection and eternity.
“I will love with delight, this, my only life,
before the Sun stops, and I die. ”



And the atheists ran to hide
in their houses and they could see
with patience that there was everything inside
but faith, peace, and salvation were lacking.
They groped for mercy
in the presence of God
and they were afraid of the world’s silence
panicked they fear helplessness
of dying in the dark
at the end of his days.
Tired of losing so many battles
in the darkness of that tribulation
on their knees they hugged the bible
to erase their evils and sins.
Their laments could be heard in the
ends of the earth
have mercy on me oh god
and they cried regretfully
looking for the name of a God to deliver them
from the wails of death.
Then the voices of the saints
and of sinners with faith
they reached the presence
of the almighty and sang praises
pity pity for atheists
clemency for wicked hearts
they bowed, called his name
and God saw that there were good people
and did not rebuke them, washed away their sins
and showed him salvation
and were resurrected for atheists
colorful springs of hopes
under the feet and the tunic of the creator’s forgiveness.
And God wrote the name of atheists
in the book of life.



I had forgotten the innocence
that covered my eyes before the innocent
cruelty of life
My clothing was no longer part.
Of pieces of innocence
I built a castle
I wanted to discover innocent evil
in the heart of man
I discovered that innocent wars
they kill peoples and children
full of innocence
The evil of innocent feet
they pollute the beautiful rivers, the air
valleys, seas and innocent forests.
I found innocence in
the flowers, the rain and, I discovered
that thorns purposely don’t hurt
maybe innocently they just touch you
I walk towards my innocent and cruel old age
and looking at me in the reflection of his eyes
I discover so much innocence asleep.
I love the innocent smile
that the corrupt invent
for the world to accept
I’ll keep dreaming of the innocent kiss
that caused the death of my only life
that in an innocent moment we are leaving.

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