Poems by M. A. Rathore

Poems by M. A. Rathore



When Nature makes mankind suffer
She provides remedy
To the sufferers in a natural way
While Corona is spread with purpose
To make man suffer as it has no remedy.

We can fight against natural disasters
But what shall we do
The afflictions provided by man?
Whom shall we blame for all the pangs?
Even if we are true humanitarians.

We suffer much due to our ignorance;
We have no sense of the sufferings of others;
The question of life and death arises
And we have no solution of it;
We proceed towards God but He is on leave.

Corona makes God suffer much
In the suffering of mankind He too bemoans;
Let us be one in this sorrowful situation;
For we are God’s plenty and have
The same fate and divinity around us.



Silence has killed
More relationships than words ever will
So let us speak the truth
Which is the only way
To save our age long relationships.

Much has been happening around us
Which is against the law of peace and justice,
The law of freedom and equality,
The law of fraternity and brotherhood
And the law of life and enjoyment.

Let us speak and die
So that we can save the unity of the nation;
For I know there are people
Who do not have negative thoughts
And have no partiality at all.

Let us struggle for our present
So that our posterity may flourish
In the atmosphere of love and happiness;
Let us speak the truth what we feel now;
For truth wins over untruth and falsehood.



How can we be self reliant
Unless we believe in the work we do?
To be independent
We have to close the borders
And let not pass the foreign products.

People of India are perfect
In the making of all the tools we need
But the only thing we require
We should have faith and make sure
There will be no partiality around.

We have great sense of nationalism;
If we try to develop ourselves
And let all the tribes feel better to work hard
For the development of the country
We can be self reliant.

India was self reliant;
But she will be thoroughly dependent now
We have lost our faith in work
Whereas the basics of being a super power
Are self reliance, faith and determination.



I have read about Japanese character;
They are self reliant and
Can manage their accommodations
From a needle to an aeroplane;
They manage all things by themselves.

Japan is living in thirty first century;
The people are so dedicated for their country
That they never disappoint their country;
They are faithful to their duties;
They never think of doing any corruption.

India, being the oldest civilization,
Keeps herself among the best people
Who think with heart more than mind;
Practice more in religion than wisdom;
Where provisions are provided as alms.

An Indian thinks the government will provide
All the facilities that are needed for him;
Keeps his mouth wide even if he is well fed;
Corruption runs in his black veins;
He is boastful and given to self glorification.

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