Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
The Aloof Sky in Sight
Abruptly, when I’m drowned in distress,
I hold on my eyes at the high;
Whereas all pleasures step in crossing entire kiddle,
I throw the ray of sight at aloof sky.
Dreams illustrate their diagram
In the heart of immense heaven;
I mingle accusations and frowns
With attention in navy yard.
Revolted, optimistic, awaiting, corroborated I-
fly in the atmosphere crossing the stream of loneliness!
The Classical Separation
I can still perceive the lingo of immense sky;
Yet I’ve the alliance with the shower of rainy.
Though the sigh evaporates into the breeze;
Still I’m capable, capturing them into my grip;
Able to blow up blueing bliss in the canary nightfall.
Still I’m operative to step in my credent feet
Without learning the boundary of anchor,
I’m still the indomitable Captain.
What sort of love if disable to be inflammable;
If unable to carry out the lissom ingle of sigh?
The Classical separation teaches me-
“Anticipation is amour.”
A Prayer for My Son
I realize — without identifying the source of water and glacis, my son will raise mundane song of love,
Uprooting the root, he’ll blow up the fleeting flag on the deceitful path.
I realize – leaving the soundtrack of modesty,
My son will play the drum of slander,
Crossing the hamlets – passing through the grassland, he’ll build the home of cognition with undressed book.
I realize – my son, forgetting his identity, will step in on the nameless pathway with joy,
Being fellow of shadow, he’ll fracture the compact unbiblical cord like piece of ancient rock.
I realize – without searching the purity in forgiveness, my son will place the conciliation of life in sting,
Being not mournful in the weep of green, cloud or infant, he’ll burn them stalks of sense with blood and flame.
O God, you bestow grassland into his juvenility,
Fulfill with endless love in the blue of his sight,
Place detailed cogitation inside of scalp,
Pour the billowy stream into sigh,
Lay down eternal future in his vision,
Allow the flammable strength of oyster in his spirit,
Bring off needful grains in a palm,
Teach him – cession, invitation, forgiveness, lamentation,
Educate him – shame, remembrance, accost, perpetual thirst.
Horrifying dark is getting down in the vortex of time!
I’m leaving radical poesy in favor of him;
Nonetheless – can’t overcome from the fright,
Therefore, O my God; I devoted my prayer to you.

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