K.K. Srivastava (India)

K.K. Srivastava (India)

K.K. Srivastava was born in Gorakhpur and did his Masters in Economics in 1980 from Gorakhpur University. He joined Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1983. He has three volumes of poetry: Ineluctable Stillnees (2005), An Armless Hand Writes (2008; 2012), and Shadows of the Real (2012). Andhere Se Nikli Kavitayen (2017) is Hindi translation of his selected poems. His book Shadows of the Real has been translated into Russian (2017) by well-known Russian poet Adolf Shvedchikov. His fourth book Soliloquy of a Small Town Uncivil Servant: a literary non-fiction published in March 2019 by Rupa Publications, New Delhi has been receiving international acclaim. By profession he is a civil servant
Is it me?
In waking-sleep, I walk through
the house; becoming wider than ever.
The dumb shadow
hisses; refusing to go away.
I hang on a drug; very careful;
past grievances are best dressed thoughts.
I sketch a human mind,
leaving outline open-ended.
Worthless distances serried,
creating a paradox.
A reckless something:
Is it me?
There is no poem;
I have ceased to pen one.
Days are fast asleep,
Nights keep joining.
Very often I sense pain of death;
So many News channels—
So much misery; so much suffering;
Truth, of late, has been so harsh.
Arguments flourish;
Frozen mouths go berserk
Humanity yells for succor and help;
Let us save the unfinished.
In the kitchen,
My wife talks to herself.
I don’t bother to ask her
Sky is dazed at
Earth’s emptiness.
I see behind me
A long silence.
A barren silence
An endless one.
Thy Face: Great Anarch
Thy face,
layers of beauty;
freshly fallen snow,
freezing the apostles and
the prophets alike.
thy glittering face foists upon me dazzling
endowments of desires,
inspiring ecstasies to crowd
the aligned corners of my mind
and I add fiercely to the tyranny of my memory
flames of innocence.

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