Mohammad Mohi Uddin (Bangladesh)

Mohammad Mohi Uddin  (Bangladesh)
A Poet, Novelist, Translator and an Activist.
An Ambassador of International Forum for Creativity and Humanity (IFCH).
He was born in 1987, 2 January, son of Mohammad Amir Uddin and Saleha Begum.
Completed graduation and post graduation in English Literature from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, a renowned university of Bangladesh.
He teaches as a lecturer of English Literature under National University of Bangladesh.
He is an author and a teacher simultaneously. He is handling the two wings of his devotion aptly. He is one of the iconic figures in teaching and a celebrated young author in literary faculty of Bangladesh. His area of special interest covers poetry, creative writings and translation. His works appeared locally and globally in numerous publications too. In addition to, some poems are translated into Spanish, Greek, Filipino and Mandarin language. Besides, he faced so many literary interviews of TV Channels of Bangladesh.
His Published Books are-
1. Dandhito Sparsha or Hanged Touch
2. Bishadi Prahar or Melancholic Moments
3. Ami Nissangata Chaini or I didn’t Claim Loneliness
4. Ami Kew Noi or I am Nobody
5. Durer Nila Kacher Nilima or Distant Nila Nearest Blue
6. Skylark
7. Namiye Daw Photograph or Drop the Photograph Down
8. Nightingale
9. Nive Jay Davanal or The Fire is Extinguished, a joint venture with Professor Dr. Muhammad Alamgir Toimoor
10. Deyaler Opare Diganta or The Horizon beyond the Wall
11. Nirbachita 100 Engreji Kabita or Selected 100 English Poems
12. Neel Preme Leen or Absorbed into the Blue Love, a joint venture with Md. Ziaul Haque
13. Sunnatar Sangin or Bayonets of Nothingness
14. A Songs of a Layman
15. Feathers of Silence, a joint venture with Eden Soriano Trinidad, Philippines.
The Moon
The foolish lovers
Spreading fingers
The indiscreet lovers
Fixing each other’s eyes.
Breaking silence he tries to praise as a clinical cure
Though nonsensical, always multiplex metaphorical lure.
The moon is set as simile gracing her
Being ravished by all paralyzed lovers
Though it is a divine monitor
For the human race and their prayer.
Look at the ground
Grains are the aftermath of a waiting
Observe the Solar
Seasons are the expectancy of motions
Audit the oyster
Pearl is the anticipation of an intense flame
Examine the poets
The poem is the ambushing of inspired madness.
Follow the exiled persons
Patience is the only food
Notice famines
Patience is the only cure
Consider all Prophets
Patience is the supreme guide.
Patience is the most healing than any other medicines in the universe
Patience has invisible wings of blissful lingo.
We are made of clay
How much safe we in the bucket of a Metal?
Metal burns
Clay regenerates.
Water is everywhere, three fourth
But kinsman’s lips are dry;
Avoiding Heavenly bright, relying on
So-called mechanism.
Metal has no heart
How can it pay a solicitation?
Or put a submission?
Earth needs a heart that can feel and trill.
Seek salvation in prayer; so many symptoms
Around even in the gyre of time
Learn from Prophet Musa, His club ensures
Even from the stones the twelve waterfalls.

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