Interview with Nnane Ntube  / By Ônoan – Agence littéraire

Interview with Nnane Ntube  

She is young and very active in the Cameroonian literary world, NNANE NTUBE, has agreed to trust our team.


hello ônoan – Literary Agency. It’s a pleasure for me to share with you. My name is Nnane Ntube, a young Cameroonian national of Kupe-Muanenguba, in the Southwest region. I am a lover of all forms of art, but poetry is my companion. I write, read, live poetry. I am also a Master 2 teacher and student at the University of Yaoundé 1, in the Department of African Literature and Civilizations.

2-Your book Litany of a foreign wife is not available in Cameroon, a choice or an editorial hazard?

Well, I won’t say an editorial hazard, but rather an unexpected unexpected given the closure of the aerial, maritime routes etc., with the coming of the covid-19. Let’s pray that the situation gets better and the book is at our reach.

3-Your poem “Peace, Kiss the Wildflower” brings you good news in April 2020, tell us about the Nnane Ntube adventure.

In December, a poetry competition, “TEMIRQAZYQ-Best Poet / writer of the world 2019”, was launched by the association World Nations writer s’ Union in Kazakhstan in collaboration with the literary associations Motivational strips and Union Hispanomundial De Ecritores. The theme of the contest focused on peace, in honor of the legend Mahatma Gandhi (his 150th birthday). So I sent my poem “Peace, Kiss the Wildflower” which was selected with distinction among more than 500 poems received.

4-What do you think poetry holds today in the Cameroonian literary background?

Poetry plays a central place in the Cameroonian literary background. Poetry is like a mother who hands her child to teach him how to walk, talk, live, appreciate the world around him. She marks the first steps of 65 % of Cameroonian writers.

Given the different activities (poetic recitations, slam poetry, poetic performance, poetic readings) carried out by the emerging poets in Cameroon such as Karolyn Kouakap, My Name le slamaster, Free T., Mac Alunge,… and myself, we see a radiation of poetry and its activism in the Cameroonian literary background.

5-As an author, what side do you offer to young Cameroonian feathers?

It is true that I have just begun this author’s journey and can’t say any more about this area. But, my little experience leads me to tell young Cameroonian feathers that work prime over everything. As a result, having a mentor is an asset. The young feather will have to be with people or literary groups that will help him grow his art in the editorial sense.

6-What difficulties do you encounter as an author?

So far, the online purchase of my collection of poems Litany of a foreign wife is a problem seen in Cameroon and Africa in general. Also, I see that a collection of poems is difficult to sell, unlike a novel or a collection of news. Many fear not to understand poetry.

7-What’s your opinion on Cameroonian literature these days?

Cameroonian literature is in full rejuvenation. New themes are developing such as living together, national unity, war, conflict, travel, nature, etc., it is a growing literature with a promising future.

8-What advice would you give to young poets?

I would advise them to read and observe a lot to write. Research is important to any writer, the poet is not exempted. They must have confidence in themselves and their poetry, for the path of a poet is not smooth. It is important that they meet with other poets. Words on a leaf do not speak, the poet must make his poetry speak and live.

9-What are your short-and long-term literary projects?

For now, I’m working on my 3th collection of poems looking for a publishing house for the 2th. I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I know the present is full of colors.

10-Your last word?

I observe, read, have fun, write, have fun…

Thanks to you team ônoan.

NNANE NTUBE, the team of Ônoan – Literary Agency thanks you.

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