Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska



Then you planted many apple trees
blooming with delicate pink stars..
I was dancing alone among them
as they played cellos in the wind
where the world was a fragrant cluster..
As time passed, in the orchard
I was watching you taste
an apple from my hand..
You devoured the sweetness
of its flesh so sinfully..
Was I this Eve giving you
the apple of sin?
But then I was pure
and I am pure now..
So where this glimpse
of a thought came from?
Then we were together,
close among colours of apples
till they danced with our feet
till the last leaf fell on the ground
pirouetting in the last waltz..
And after snow veiled the earth
I felt you more then even before,
glistening with a tear of joy..

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