Born Again / Poem by Gargi Mahay Jain

Poem by Gargi Mahay Jain
Born Again
The dark, dreary night engulfs me
In its unfathomed depth.
I struggle to survive,
Searching for something to hang on,
And all of a sudden
There is a faint beam,
As I sink closer to it,
I see tiny hands beckoning me,
A pair, no two pairs
Suddenly the outlines of their faces
Become slightly visible.
These are my offspring,
O how can I forsake them
I push myself hard and tear open
The suffocating noose
Gulping air bit by bit
I soar up and up
And see the dim but
slowly glowing light.
Those whom I gave birth to,
Have given birth to a new me
A resilient mother
For whom her two gems
are rare and precious
In no way can I
Let their radiance marred.
Come what may,
Will pick my pieces up,
Join them into a masterpiece.

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