To love and last from HAND IN HAND BOOK PROJECT by Mar Thieriot

To love and last from HAND IN HAND BOOK PROJECT by Mar Thieriot

The first impression I would like to exchange with you is a deep silence, the silence from early morning in a hospital corridor, in those end of life clinics where we mourn in an indifferent world, while pain is so intense that is has no more verbs. With you I would like at first to say nothing. As we say nothing at the emergency while expecting life’s coming back. Maybe you will hold me in your arms, because you feel like a stranger there as well, maybe you don’t belong here anymore, you share with me the danger of keeping lonely images from afar. I will beg you to remain a stranger: the mystery of the unknown is sweet like a fragile promise: please just keep it. Do not be familiar, as you turn on to be an exception, an enigma, while you stay far away from me, the distance in between us remains a bound for life.
I have nothing to offer you, my best painting is gone today with his surgeon, no illusions remain, maybe a few dreams that taste the wet sand from Venice. My tropics are sad, my arms are tired.
The early morning my eyes see a fog from all over, they try to guess the colour of the light, while it is becoming darker and darker as time pass by… as I washed him at home and now they do it at the hospital. I have no idea if I will be able to smile at you. Probably I will live you some salted tears while writing this letter that taste the ocean with no shore, the deep see with its huge waves that stricken the coast. There will be no signature no address as a message floating in a bottle lost in trouble waters: the text would sink in the strong waves, and you will catch a wet paper with blue erasures… I know you will guess they come from me.


Mar Thieriot

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