Sihem Chérif (Tunisia)

Sihem Chérif (Tunisia)

Sihem Chérif who lost her dad at an early age, turned to books and writings as early as 10.she started composing in tunisian dialect and then in formal Arabic. She studied English and graduated from. Manouba University. She started writing in English. She published a first poetry book Dusk and Dawn. Looking forward to publishing others. She writes poetry in Arabic and aspires to publish her book in Arabic. She writes prose as well. She is fond of animals and nature.
In the twinkling of an eye
God gets back his universe
A grim silence engulfed the earth and the sky
People knelt inside houses
Begging God to end this curse
How tiny people are!
caged like laboratory rats
They could go nowhere
Corona is lurking
Strolling in empty streets
seeming fear in anxious hearts
corona is rigorously smirking
A tiny virus
startled every human being
It is not a matter of size and number
A glorious lesson of God ‘s power
we are impelled to remember
Today we are on the battlefield
Living under the gunpoint
From now on we have to understand
No one may be spared the shot
May we sprout evil and greed
what is happening is a clear lesson
A new start of clemency we need
Instead of black wishes, we opt for crimson.
Go on playing music
I lent you my strings
I am listening to
something terrific
Go on playing
I want to forget
we are living with an epidemic
And many of us become
Do not stop
Go on speaking with the lyrics
Tonight I want to seek a sound sleep
Tonight I want to forget
The epidemic
The hubbub of my crazy folk.
The two divergent looks
The frame above
The young lady and the furrows
The promise of the upper deck
The load of the coming days and the lurking luck
The crop may seem green, who knows
The shore will be teeming
Fate just waits for a knock
The dream was still legal
And the wish is prime
The scene is a tumultuous canvas
Fate just waits for a knock
The frame below
The lady stepped in age
plumb she started to grow
stuck in an armchair
yearning to youth and its glow
Does not fit in her seat
yet, no choice to go anywhere
The lady wanted to grasp
The whisk of the years’ gap
No flowers are in her lap
A score behind a score
The years have been greedy
just an aspiring lady above
A deceived lady below
The rainbow in a rosy sky
The seeds of hope is ready to sow …

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