Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas



is the you
you create…
the you
burdened… poisoned
by laughter and sadness
the absolute-you
is either
the super-you
or the limping-you!
no other you!

__ade c.
sydney australia


Spring Whimper

it was spring
an afternoon
in the park
the same table…

my braided hair
purplish magenta
tiny drizzles
of warm perfume
damp my face.

soft breeze
lashing splashing
against my skin
now my
soaking strands tickle.

the live band
was in its
orgasmic beats
i got lost
in the symphony.

__ade c.



a poet’s love
goes beyond loving…

one gloomy day,
i am a lazy cloud
floating in the air
thinking not… of nothing
mais vous mon amour.

my present life gets its rocket from yesterday.

a disguised moi
a lapiz lazulli
fresh in shimmers

revolting, cries of thunder, hails—my soul searches for the unknown.

drying thirst of autumn
columns of dark clouds
then softly, tick- ling kisses
touch my wholeness
sighing no non-sense language.

i wish not to open my eyes… afraid, so afraid, you are not there!!!

__ade c.
 sydney australia

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