Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan



Whispers of love are hollowed empty words,
Like a tree whose leaves are cut by season’s swords,
Beneath the sky I once sang her lullaby,
Now swirling in agony in a ballad of sigh.

Memories haunt like fearful team of ghosts,
Her beautiful memories soul always hosts,
No matter how much I long, beg and plea,
I won’t feel the glorious spring, let alone see.

Life naked and stripped down to bare,
To fall like autumnal leaves of despair,
Heartache lingers through day and night,
Melancholy taking its grip on me very tight.

My sigh travels through the muck in the air,
Amplified many times till it tears my ears,
Emptiness is surrounding me in whole,
Dissecting my heart and piercing my soul.



I long to belong to that ineffable space,
Where soul lights up life with full of grace,
Am bombarded with missiles of my daily life,
Sans meaning, life is hurting like knife.

I am not immune to manipulations of mind,
Anger and jealousy makes my eyes blind,
Have to leave noxious emissions far behind,
Bliss, peace and mirth, if I have to find.

Guided by light flickering gently in soul,
Let me find substance in journey in whole,
Let me start with a smile to bring in sparkles,
To dissolve darkness to usher in miracles.

Let me tune and connect with inner melody, Melody of soul trouncing all the maladies,
My enlightened mind singing a parody,
Resounding to change course of my destiny.



I am inundated by deluge,
From nostalgic flow, no place to seek refuge,
Emotions aided to plot subterfuge,
Swiming against tide of feelings, so huge

Where time is transformed in to space,
In museum of nostalgia, I feel like a trash,
Between past & future, present suffers crash,
Will memories haunt me till I turn in to ash?

Passing through graveyard of memories,
Starring at ravine rumpled histories,
Some mysteries and loads of miseries,
Ended up as a victim even in victory.

Momory lane stretches like desert track,
Lost in that maze and never got back
Nostalgia haunts at every dawn’s crack
Tortured by memory’s mighty whack.

© K.Radhakrishnan

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