Poems by Syed Liaqath Peeran

Poems by Syed Liaqath Peeran


A gift of my soul

In endless silence of my heart and soul
Burns the candle of my beloved’s memory,
Eating away darkness, ending its gloom.
O restless soul quiten now, let love blossom.
Battle harden nerves are giving away.
Aging body withering, eyesight dimming.
Distant call from unknown ringing bells,
Beckoning me to ageless cold chamber.
Journey ahead is long tireless and mute.
Beyond the galaxies never to return back.
Washing away name, fame on shores of life.
Leaving not even foot prints or even any mark.
I carry within my soul flames of love.
My only hard earned gift to my Beloved!


The silent baton

The garden of ‘Shaheen’ in world of rulers
Igniting flames by lovely fairies.
To kindle passions, wonder and strength
To defy the wrath of ‘pehalvans’,
Empty paper tigers and men of straw.
Who are threatening, steaming and puffing.
To blow the house in, maul,
To banish from the shaky empire.
O! The bold and chivalrous ‘Kalies’
You are now with flashing eyes
To subdue the ring masters of ‘Kala bazaar’
With claws of ‘Narasimha’ to tear
Open the belly of greedy ones.
Now the heaven has come down
To usher justice to muted millions,
Down troddens, weather better ones.



A year of turmoil, agitation
Will pass into oblivion
To usher in a New 2020.
A year of unity, harmony.
Of love and friendship.
Of compromise and wisdom.
Of sweet memories.
Of happiness and joys.
A year to shun hatred
A beginning of enlightment.
Of ever prosperity and amity.
Let us all join in welcoming 2020.


New found peace

The famed astro-prediction
Of WW-3 turned out
To be Covid virus-19
For universal lock down.

For deep introspection
To clean the environment
To unite the world
For regeneration

For re-evaluation
To charter a new course
To open new chapters
In the destiny of each Nations.


Covid 19

The wheel of life is now turning
Faster than the rockets
With Covid around destroying
Well knit families creating
Disorder in every society and nation
The Golden Sun is unable to stop
The spread, nor the nuclear energy
Life has become cheap with overflowing
Cold Chamber and filing womb of silence
With umpteen innocent beings

The gloom has stopped the chirping of birds
The sky has turned red and soil black
The ‘mehendis’ on the hands and fingers
Of brides has suddenly faded

Lands have fallen follow
Cry of humanity stilling heaven
Voice is now choked, no more Bollywood songs
Eerie silence and stillness in air spreading

Morning freshness cheering children has stopped
The rush for office no longer rings a bell
No more screeching of tyres
Snail moving traffic is no more.


Whither Heavenly Gaze?

Now you are reaching the safe abode of peace
Where the acme of pain of living,
Of noisy life, of daily melancholy
Disappears and you are in deep sleep.
Till eternity, till the bugles are blown
To wake everyone to view the glory
And shine of every Living Deity
Who was invisible in the glory of Sun
Now it will be broadness of light
Ever to shine forever brighter
And brighter, increasing in splendor
Everyone will be blessed with heavenly eyes
To view the illuminating brightness
To hear the heavenly tunes to every thrill
Can such a spectacle be viewed?
In these days of shifting sands
Where living in mire, in troubles
Injures the body with its daggers
Where every moment causes hiccups
Where even Beethoven’s music appears jarring
Whether the sweetest songs irks the mind
Where every morsel of food tastes like poison
Where every breath is fraught with pain
Can living turn to a utopia, heavenly?

Numbness of ambrosia, of cannabis
Of passing passions leaves unsoundness.
How then to capture the dreams?
To turn to reality, to fructify.

Only a heavenly Master with His
Divine gaze can illumine our hearts;
Can thrill our soul to beauty and love.
Only a Messiah and Prophet, a Saint
A magician can turn our inner self.
To reduce our ego to zero.
To make us meditative.
To make us turn away from ever pain.


My Bloated Self

As the journey is advancing
And age is gripping my ailing body
The cruel thoughts of old and yester years
Adds to the woes of the living.
The loneliness, the creaky bones
Is more like a rickety bullock cart
Moving at snail pace in this fast life.
I feel I am left behind
As the fast moving caravan has moved away.
I am bogged down in myths
In ancient superstitions
In deep fears and past regrets
My best of times were fraught
With umpteen unrealized dreams.
With unconquered peaks and mountains.
With dry rivers without cultivation.
With bitter fruits and empty stomach.
With confusion compounded.
With scarcity in paltry living.
My mind reeling with unfounded ideas
With plenty of pleasures, some fulfilled
Yet many left unsatisfied.
Plagued by grievances, grouses
With complains many, hopes melted
Having lost all my humour.
Being a cynic, a critic of other’s work
Lamenting on my progeny’s indifference
Parrot like repeating again and again
Same old rigmarole unpleasantries
Irked every moment with quick temper
Yet with all this slipperiness,
My bloated ego boost of my callings.
I keep looking at the citations
Awards, appreciations I found my way.
Boasting myself of my poesy
Of my umpteen works, unreal
Undiscovered by any reader.
I float like a butterfly,
Keep my sting ready like a bee
My lashing tongue has driven
All my friends and well-wishers away
I am now deserted to fend myself

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