Tatiana Terebinova (Russia)

Tatiana Terebinova (Russia)

Terebinova Tatiana is a poet she lives in Otradny Samara Region and Moscow.
She uses the technique of sillabic-tonic, free verse, haiku and tanka.
Tatiana graduated from the Moscow Cultural and Arts Acadimy in 1989.
The poet is a winner of the Moscow International Free Verse Festival (1996).
Her poems were pablished in the Anthology of Russian free verse (Moscow “PROMETEI” 1991), Almanac “Arion” (Moscow) , “Journal Poetri” (2018,
№ (1 – 3 ), journal “Mos-cow Sto-litsa” (2018, №3) etc… Her name is mentioned in the Samara Historical and Culturen encyclopedia (1995)
my paradise
wild thyme is my paradise
the angel keeps in his heart
irises of a light mysterious garden
light silk of radiance
in crystals of time –
your face and flower – the spirit of the holiday
“the echo”
in the mirror of your soul –
only the god of grace and joy,
and sweet bitterness is an easy secret
clear curves of thoughts –
rhizomes of the universe
and the echo of a dream of love
“the wings”
The book of the gracious God –
the wings of the pages of the archangels of silence
whispers transparent words of love
the moon floats in silver skies –
goldfish of time
through the sleepy embrace of spring
The Stone of Time
The stone of time lifts
your heavens every moment
Each infinity there
has not began..
There is an end
to your transparency
There is a gloom..
Let your target fly faster..
An arrow begins
to melt the space
that it had obediently
laid down in your infantile palms
in the hundreds of deceptions..
Blind wasps names
change their moments
of instant emptiness
turning into light
and banning the radiance
of light in the caterpillar
ripening butterfly
in the new Universe..

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