Prof. Migena Arllati (Kosova)

Prof. Migena Arllati (Kosova)


Migena Arllati is a poet, publicist, albanologist. She works in education as a professor of Albanian language and literature.
She was born in Elbasan / Albania on 06.09.1974, in a family with civic and educational traditions. She has been living in the city of Gjakova in Kosovo for 25 years with her husband Behar and four children (Bora, Rina, Triumf, Argen).
She studied at the Faculty of Philology, branch of language – literature at the public university “Alexander Xhuvani” in Elbasan.
Graduated for diplomacy at the Albanian Diplomatic Academy in Tirana.
Has completed her postgraduate studies Master of Linguistics at the State Center for Albanological Studies in Tirana. Actually, she is Phd cand. – Doctor of Linguistics.

Career in journalism:
Her career is preceded by 15 years of engagement in radio journalism, print media, television and news agency.
Since the post-war Kosovo, while working in the media as a journalist and correspondent, she has several times been awarded awards for her research work.

Currently she is a professor of Albanian language and literature.
She has long confirmed her commitment to scientific research in linguistics and work in journalism and literary criticism, participating in authored work at dozens of different Scientific Conferences organized by the University of Tirana, Prishtina, Skopje, Tetovo, Shkodra, Elbasan, Durres, Vlora, as well as with international presentations in Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England.

Until now, she is the editor and reviewer of about 80 volumes of poetry and prose by Albanian and three foreign authors.
She has published articles in the field of literary criticism and journalism in almost all newspapers and magazines published in Kosovo, Albania and the region.
Mrs. Arllati is also active in the field of civil society and humanitarian organizations, which have honored her with high honors over the years.
It embodies the experience of a lifelong intellectual, the courage of a tireless activist, and the work of a hardworking humanist.
It has long faced offers to enter politics, but has decided to remain apolitical, serving society as an independent intellectual.

Mrs. Migena Arllati has received numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding contributions as a journalist, writer, researcher on linguistics and albanology, and as a humanist, civil society personality in Kosovo and Albania.


The author has so far published ten books:
1. Volume of poetry: “Thoughts in the Frame” (Publishing House “Bridge”, Prishtina 2012)
2. Monography: “Born to Become a Doctor” (“John N. Kazazi”, Gjakova 2013)
3. Language Study: “An Overview of Phraseological Expressions in the Gjakova Verb” (Association of Intellectuals “Jakova”, Gjakova 2014)
4. Study publication: “Patronymics, family surnames in Gjakova” in co-authorship with prof. M. Rogova (Association of Intellectuals “Jakova”, Gjakova 2015)
5. Literary criticism and reviews: “Etern’Ars”, vol. I, (Association of Intellectuals “Jakova”, Gjakova 2016)
6. Encyclopedic dictionary: “Authors of Albanian literature for children and young people, 1886 – 2017”, co-authored with prof. dr. A. Bishqemi (Association of Intellectuals “Jakova”, Gjakova 2017)
7. Volume of poetry: “They do not love gods” (Adonis Publishing House, Elbasan 2018)
8. Literary Criticism and Reviews: “Etern’Ars” – vol. II, (Jakova Intellectuals Association, Gjakova 2019)
9. Albanian-Italian Poetry: “The Possession of Whistle” – “Brezza di mormorii” (“John N. Kazazi”, Gjakova 2019)
10. Albanian-English Poetry: “Honeycomb love” (Pristina, 2020)
11. Albanian-Franch Poetry: “Crystal red” – “Le verre rouge” (Pristina, 2020).

Top Titles:

* Honorary Citizen in her hometown, Elbasan
Her hometown of Elbasan, the City Hall, proclaimed Ms. Migena Arllati “Honorary Citizen” with the motivation:
“For her outstanding contribution as a journalist, writer, researcher on linguistics and albanology, and a personality of civil society in the country and the diaspora.”
* In December 2016 she was awarded by Albanian Excellent in Tirana for her numerous engagements in civil society, fruitful work in literature and Albanian education;
* In June 2018 is certified by the Albanian Institute for Leadership: “New Millennium Leader”;
* In July 2018, the “Ambassadors for Peace” is announced by the Universal Peace Federation;
* In August 2018 is honored with the title “Missionary of the Albanian Nation” by the Albanian Art and Culture Center based in Tirana;
* In September 2018 is honored with the title “Humanist of Albanian society” by the Association of Women in Gjakova;
* In December 2018 is honored with the title “Albanian Image for Literary Criticism and Publicity” by the nationwide “Image & Media” Forum in Tirana;
* In May 2019 she is appointed “State Ambassador”, the first official representative of the Republic of Kosovo at “Universum Academy Switzerland”;
* In June 2019 the Tropoja Alps newspaper honors her with the “Merit Award”;
* In August 2019 successfully performs the “Summer Academy for Diplomatic Communication, Protocol and Ethics” in Pristina, organized by the Academy for Diplomacy and Protocol & London College;
… As well as dozens and dozens of Acknowledgments and Laurels from institutions across the Albanian lands.

Activity in civil society:

Director of the Intellectual Woman Foundation “Nermin Vlora Falaschi”, branch in Gjakova;
Vice President of the Humanitarian Organization of the Red Cross in Gjakova;
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the “Alps Gazette”, Tirana;
Member of the Presidency of the Association of Intellectuals “Jakova” in Gjakova;
Member of the Presidency of Literary Club “John Nikole Kazazi” in Gjakova;
Member of the Albanian American Academy of Sciences and Arts;
Member of the Kosovo Writers’ Association;
Member of the World Organization “Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry”;
Member of the Alb – Science Institute based in Tirana, Prishtina and Skopje;
Honorary Member of the Association of Albanian Writers and Artists “Pope Clement XI Albani” in Sweden;



Idealism you are my love!

I can hear you…
In your steps after midnight
when the couples hurry
to melt away in passionate kisses!

I can hear you.
In the rustling dresses
when girls cover their breasts
and forget about their exposed high knees

I speak to you!
And call your name Amor
like the gods did call you
once upon a time
when they took you in their laps

I hug you!
Cuddling with my purple arms
In my first and last dream of the night.
covered in the mornings
exposed in the evenings

I touch you!
In the long dragging hours of the day
when my hands without direction
up in the high skies among the clouds fly

I keep you!
In my warm lap and in my soft pillow
from my childhood to my last days again and again
You my love….
My idealism remain!



June blooming
My lips blooming too,
scarlet burning,
like pollen dropping
there, and then…
when in the early spring
I trusted you my dreams
And then oh then,
Night by night and every night
like a little cherry I gave myself to you.

This year…
How many fresh leaves bloomed?!!
In meditation far away I went
The wind blowing and blowing
shaking the branches.
A yearning
each leaf enfolding.
I felt that cuddling, embracing and shaking
In my mind my dreams swaying.
How many cherry fruits fell on the floor
My soul can’t hold nothing more.
I feel you, love you, you’re mine
the cherry of your lips I am…



Rain’s falling
bringing back my memorie,
The rain falling from sky,
falling from long time past
fallin over me!

The shadowy autumn of Vivaldi
emerging suddenly.
An abstract tune,
strays away blended with the cloud,
and the steam of my meditation

Rain falling down,
and I entirely get melted

The ran falling and
I feel the emptiness.
On the solitude
Only me
And rain of my old memories!



Autumn leave
How many leaves did fell
to cover to bare souls
Over there
Hidden in the hills.

The Autumn sun
Stretching rays into the air
The wind
Is blowing and shaking the leaves
from branches

Thousands of them
Millions of such

Their dead bodies
Became humus
For the flower of love
They did plant together!



My heart and my longing grew
covering a huge mountain.
The longing engulfs my heart
and the mountain becomes a plight

Krena (river) went dry,
The longing became a crying river!
Foaming Shkumbin takes it into their arms
and rolling waves together drain into the sea!

With the boat of my soul engulfed in tears
I cruise in sadness.
Me and you, inside it
The only sailors!



My life
like a cigarette, you scorch in these hands,
the light ash, lightens and distinguishes
smoking the illusions, unexpectedly, unpredictably

Yesterday, it was me
part of the same story
when crossing the paths
one by one

Today it is me,
you are the history
my life that aches
to the light of eyes remain

Who remains tomorrow
apart from these verses filling the paper?
Approaching me as laurel leafs
hair crown, amongst the crowded angels

The poetry as acquired from Mehmeti,
the verses as borrowed from Podrimja,
crests of magic as lustrated by Shkreli,
engraved poets in my wildest dreams

My life, poetry
what else can I expect of you?
Death I spot far as I laze,
I scrabble and search for a new chorus

My life, but a branch of olive tree
thick of dreams and desires
crashing years under the same name
pushed to abysses, languishing through swards

A heap of worries in my back I should through
invite the first vagrant to join me
the coin of luck to toss away
the gamble of this world we shall throw

A tweet afar, doesn’t let me go through
attention of the skylark it gets to stop the song
you gorgeous, o holy poetry
unwritten words don’t diminish in oblivion!

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