The absence of peace / Poem by Aziz Mountassir

Poem by Aziz Mountassir


The absence of peace

The breath of snow spoke
Souls in the sheds
And innocence at the border
And nature is crying
The songs of light are overrated
And the pronouns fell asleep
On deceptive dreams
In ballet rooms
I’m sobbing in Matam
Look at my peace
Nectar of my species and west
At a wedding
And the rest are dry tears
And burning candles
And trees with curved water
For the cruelty of wind
A relief, peace, a cloud
The days.
I ran over my forehead
And I blocked sweet dreams
And I fell with the claws of death
On the human
And scratched the faces of honor
With the nails of power
In you, peace of love
Blows up what you forgot
Let the horizontal show up
And we see the sky
Pure of the world..

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