Agnieszka Jarzębowska (Poland)

Agnieszka Jarzębowska (Poland)
Agnieszka Jarzębowska (born in Sieradz, Poland), graduate of Łódź University, member of „Anima” Literary Club, „Poets after hours” Informal Group, honorary member of Janów Literary Club. Her works were translated to English, Serbian, German, Lithuanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Telugu, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian and Swedish. Published four books of epigrams and four books of poems. Guest of the 14th International Day of Poetry and 2nd European Poetic Dialogues (London 2014), 22nd International Poetry Festival “Maj nad Wilią (Vilnius 2016), 4th, 5th and 6th International Poetry Festival “Słowiańska Brosza” (Lodon, 2016, 2017 and 2018), 1st and 2nd International Poetry Festival “Duchowość bez granic” (Plovdiv 2017 and 2018) and “Słowiańska Brosza” (Czechowice-Dziedzice, 2018, 2019) 12thGuntur International Poetry Festival (Guntur, Hyderabad) 2019 .
She has been recognized in various literary contests, including 2nd award in National Satirical Contest in Zebrzydowice (2017), special recognition for a regional-themed poem in National Contest “Mój list do świata” (2010), 1st place in TJW VIII Mława Poet’s Night (2015). Received the award of the Municipal Council of Sieradz for achievements in literature (2012). Awarded the Medal of National Commission of Education for work and social achievements. Life Time Achievement Award from Writers Corner International.
She presented her works in magazines, radio, TV, Internet. Published anthologies and almanacs in Poland, USA, Great Britain, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, India and many other, book of 200 epigrams “Fraszki i uśmiechy” (Regiony, Sieradz 2010), Polish-German book of poetry “Miejsce po przecinku/Die stele nach dem komma” (Regiony, Sieradz 2012), book of epigrams “Fraszkomat” (Regiony, Sieradz 2012), Polish-Serbian book of poetry “Układam siebie/Slažem sebe” (Krosno 2012), Polish-English book of epigrams “Nic-Nothing” (Bez Erraty, Lublin 2014), Polish-Lithuanian book of poems “Przekładaniec” (Fundacja Jana Kochanowskiego, Sosnowiec 2014), “Bez żartów” (Bez erraty, Lublin 2017), “ Polish-English book of poems “Piąta pora roku” (MK, 2017).
L for Love
Contemporary love is somewhat ill:
instead of a wo(man) – a screen and sitting still.
An MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig)’s Confession
I hate women and their jabber
unless I am not sober.
There is still something unchanged in our fate:
we consume what each day brings, my mate.
What/who Has Grown?
Kids’ve grown and me, too
they – in height, me – in weight, boo…
Butterflies in the Stomach
Papillon in French means “butterfly”.
For butterflies in the stomach instead
I have curl papers as flies on my head.
Dear Male,
– What do you like most in your dog?
– Most? Wagging its tail.
Translated into English by Marek Marciniak
Three days of happiness
I saw three days of happiness
They tasted like always and never
they were wearing
a quiet coat made from smile.
On that day
You waited out my dream
you had to tell me something important yourself.
I opened my eyes
I heard the most important for you on that day:
– Good morning.
Where you have been
far away,
where you have been,
reached all my thoughts.
You can’t ask too much
but I don’t expect
that much.
Your presence is enough for me
a cheap bouquet of flowers
and some season of the year
let’s say spring.
From providing children
with life signposts
I have hands full
of red lights.
Translated into English by Marta Jarzębowska

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