Cosmic Verses (“Identity” – Dr. Eyasin Khan) / Review by Mr.Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Cosmic Verses
(“Identity” – Honourable Eyasin Khan)
The poetry book delineated by the multifaceted poetic personality Honourable Eyasin Khan titled ‘Identity’ is a literary manna of holistic proportion.This poetry book contains poems of variegated nature shedding light on a cross section of opinions so discernible in our society. One of the most refined aspects related to this book is all about its streamlining of thoughts touching upon all arenas of life fair and square. This book deliberates upon many issues within its poetic framework such as identity as a subject of so intricate or complex web of many dimensions and interpretations, the technological upsurge overwhelming the world at present making it a virtual world day in and day out, the presence of the refreshing elements of life amidst the uneasiness prevailing in the society, the emergence of earthly vibes slowly and surely into a world caught up in the whirlpool of urbanisation, globalisation and commercialisation, the description of imagination as the bedrock of literary endeavours and the characterisation of words as the harbingers of many positive and negative vibrations to this world moving towards a precipice.
The poems in this book are in the forefront of according utmost importance to feelings and emotions interlocked in the unconscious selves of individuals in our society. Literature as such is driven by the engine of feeling sprouting up in the minds of human beings on account of the incidents and events swirling around them. Life is a journey of uncertainties with many activities having no apparent meaning every now and then.
The poems in this book also dwell upon the process of development leaning towards an anthropocentric structured one rather than an ecocentric generated mode. Today, development is for the sake of development rather than adducing sustainability to the world. The society is in a quandary with many forces pulling in opposite directions creating turmoil and anarchy of the severest kinds.
The ultimate rest of the soul is in that greater force up above. The poems in this book describe God as an eternal reality watching over all us in every step of the way. The constitutional organs propping up the soundness of our society are portrayed with much importance in the poems of this book. The symbol of unity is affirmed in our flag. The internal liberty is the touchstone to true external freedom. The concept of financial security is nothing compared to the security born out of mental peace and tranquillity.
The poems in this book deal with issues such as rights of individuals in the society to have a reasonable standard of living, the different types of decisions that we arrive at in our life and their consequences, the need to usher in justice, equality and fair-play to our society, the description of life here on earth as nothingness in the final analysis, the interdependent nature of this world, the objects of this world as part of a greater reality envisaged for us in heaven and the concept of light as a redemptive force that can dispel darkness from this world altogether.
Through this poetry book, eminent poet Eyasin Khan has notched up a place for himself in the horizon of the poetic world. Let all his literary endeavours bear plenty of fruits in years to come. My best wishes to him in his poetic journey of sum and substance.
Reviewed by Mr.Cijo Joseph Chennelil.
Head of the English Department
Kristu Jyoti College, Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala, India.
Kuravilangad, January, 2021@
Dr. Eyasin Khan
Dr. Eyasin Khan (M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.) is Assistant Professor in Dept. of Political Science at Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India. Previously he served as Assistant Professor at Bankura Christian College, Bankura. He stood first class first at the UG and PG levels for which he was awarded gold medals. He received various awards and scholarships in his academic life.  His research interests include Refugees and Forced Migration Study, Indian Politics, Gender Politics, South Asian Politics, Minority Politics, Human Rights, Rural Development and Social and Political Movements. He has 14 books to his credit. He has also published 53 research articles on different topics of social science in different journals and edited books.  He has attended more than 56 seminars and conferences as resource person, paper presenter and also delivered invited lectures at different institutions, besides editing a journal, ‘Nabyasrote’ and also a little magazine entitled ‘Kansai o Baghui’.  He has visited three South Asian Countries – Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh for academic purposes.
Book Description:
Name of the book: ‘Identity’ (a collection  of poems in three languages)
Type of the book: Poetry 
Name of the author: Eyasin Khan
Name of the publisher: Kabitika
ISBN: 978-93-89209-92-1
Book length: 128 pages
Price: Rs 200/-    $ 8

Cijo Joseph Chennelil

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