LIFE IS SPIRITUALITY / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson
Life is spiritual but
Only to those who listen
Listen to the words of the Maker
To the words that were programmed
Already in our hearts and in our thoughts
One shouldn’t walk
Beside oneself
Excusing actions of faith
As being the will of the Maker
For it is in fact he
He who has given us all
Our own and free will
And the power to decide
So it’s therefore that we
We and no one else
Must take our own resonsibility
For what we do and how we act
For as long as I can remember
Actually ever since I was born
From that day on
Through early childhood
I felt the presence
Of spirituality in my life
I saw the picture clearly
In the reflection of
My mirror of life
I saw what’s good for my soul
Yes, I saw already then
All richness coming from above
And I learned everything
About the gifts of nature
So I took all of this in
And nursed it all
And gave it back
I also showed entirely
My own true gratitude
And always shared with others
Everything that I knew
I knew already then
All the mysteries of life
Just like in a closed circle
There is a meaning with everything!
©® Joanna Svensson

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