A sequel to the last one! / Poem by Sukumar Karmakar & Nutan Sarawagi

A sequel to the last one !
Poem by Sukumar Karmakar & Nutan Sarawagi
Something is in the air,
Something was in the air,
I found you as if a lost one.
__Beginning of again
In tears she cried
in tears to be mine
in tears that ran never to find
as they fell in drops
one by one in it to claim its love in no one
for they were never mine
they were never anyones
they were in it to fall as my no one
In it call it as my own one
never anyones in it one
in a life unwon
For where there is life
there is always strife
in it trying to find its own life
Let me live again finding my one
in it to never be that own one
that lived in someone
never as one my one
Then life looked back
so happy and free
as it had lived in it to never be
Wherever it went to only see me
Never looking back
as it had come to be
my own love never to be
alone in me to see
in it be my love in me
within it to see
Love me
for there was a life without me
Little I realised in that love hurting me
For whenever you feel to feel you in me
loving me
Be me

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