WHAT IS LOVE… / Poem by Natalia Govsha


Natalia Govsha

Natalia Govsha is a poet and an artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She studies philosophy, alchemy and synthesis of religions. This knowledge is reflected in her poems, stories and pictures. She has published five books – “WOMAN’S DIARY” (2015), “IF YOU LOOK AT THE SKY” (2018), “PAINTED STORIES” (2020), “2020: COVID-19 FREEdom Life” (2020), “To the LORD my prayers” (2020). “Woman’s Diary” explored the lives of women, their emotions and mystery revolving. “If you look at the sky” was an attempt to turn symbols, allusions, allegories into something alive and sensually perceived, having flesh and blood, filled with personal being. “Painted Stories” – here her art dwells on the pages and turns into poetry. Each piece has a different message and is relatable to the reader or viewer. “2020: COVID-19 FREEdom Life” is a book of poems and arts about the year 2020 that completely changed life . “To the LORD my prayers” – is a collection of poems and works of art about how a person searches for his Creator in prayers, in philosophical reflections, in mystical knowledge, explicit and secret, and finds Him in the depths of his heart.

The depth of time, the past, full of dreams,
drowns me in a secret chasm between the worlds.
Scream to myself – Where are you, where? …
Where’s your light? Where’s your shadow?
Dead end – corners, walls. Don’t let me go.
But no … It’s me who does not let go
of the joys and sorrows of a sticky web my memory.
And I have said this in the past –
“Love … Love … This is vulnerability.
And that’s the only way to let
your passionate soul pleasure
be so real that it scares you … scares…. “
But now I repeat, at the very peak of enlightenment –
“To love, not knowing how, when and where …
To love is simple, without doubts and questions,
there is no other way of love, except
the one in which there is neither me nor you.
The path is so intimate … so intimate
that your soft hand on my chest – is my hand.
So intimate that when I fall asleep – your eyes are closing.
So simple, this is the only way to let
your passionate soul pleasure be so real.”
©Natalia Govsha

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