I Ask You… Am I Mad? / Poem by Ade Caparas

Poem by Ade Caparas
I Ask You… Am I Mad?
i love, i simultaneously yearn, dream of being in total union with the loved being; to an enchanting embrace, in an inexhaustible intoxication.
is it madness?
they would say, “you are madly in love”__but i ask of you, “can a madman fall in love”?
in my delirium
i would surge a pouring rain
in spite of my burning fever
to meet my lover!
insane to the eyes of others
yes… i am mad
i enjoy the wetness, unbothered
by my burning fever!
yet in my case
i am conscious
of my emotion
which frightens me!
into my eyes
that i may hear
the beat of your heart.
touch my hand
that i may feel
the warmth of your spirit.
kiss O kiss
my lips
that i may reach
the depth of your soul.
only then can we be one
to the eternity
of the gone
the now and the tomorrow.
my wings
shall be your wings
to roam the many folds
of summer winter and fall.
our breath shall flame our world
never ever an endless yesterday nor an approaching tomorrow!
i ask you… am i mad?
__ade c.
sydney australia

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