Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny
The world’s cold
Lost in the vastness of the cold
Winds Howling. Freezing the whole world
Sun hiding… Tired and old
Seeking the inner fire warmth.., to behold..
Traveling in. Your eyes
The night in your eyes captures me
I’m overwhelmed with his adoration
Draw your face lines
With pens of my eagerness
And on your lips
Putting on a smile I miss
And an old dream sweeps me
For a long never ending night
Occupy me
So hide
And take refuge in you.. like a migratory bird
In your eyes night watchful
And the noise. And magic and melody
And gypsy dancers
And feet skip poems of love
The night is setting fires
Wipe out everything that was and will be
The moment leaves.. for longing..
In the night of your eyes
A long poem
And the hair of all the women of the tribe
Names and faces.. and eyeliner eyes
Fires are set in it
The moment..
Passion, fragrance and incense
And a call to travel
For the land of dangers…
Via my magician
Let’s travel…
The butterfly
A butterfly. Escaped the cold
Flying to a faraway spring
Where nectar still in hold
Waiting to be sucked..
Alone on that bridge of love
Between yesterdays and eternity
And shiny tempting tomorrows
To dream of.. New unknown world…
On a stolen ray of sun
The butterfly.. Getting high
Wings in wind, eyes on loved sight
Looking For your flame
To burn again.. No self blame
Dying.. Not caring about
A world of fear and strive
Of darknes
when love,the light of life
Like season of warmth
Is,In and out
To be let killed.. By a flame
By Hana.shishiny
January 2021
(c) all rights reserved


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