Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia (Colombia)

Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia (Colombia)
Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia (Barranquilla, Colombia in 1997) is a bilingual poet (Spanish and English), short story writer, proofreader, mentor, oriental medic (Neijing, Spain), ancient Chinese language student and translator (from English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Arabic). She is translator of many writer around the world and she is consider as the brigde between writers and spanish-speaking world. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies, journals, websites and magazines, and have been translated into Kannada, Bangla, Arabic, Greek, Italian and English. She has participated in national and international festivals, recitals and webinars (Filogicus, Libresta, María Mulata, Bharatha Vision, Azahar, Atunis Poetry, El Heraldo, Muelle Caribe, Crisol, Uttor Kota, Sol y Luna, Sabdakhunja, The Poet, and other) She collaborates with translating and literary criticism in several literary magazines such as Altazor (Chile), Cardenal (Mexico), Cronopio (Missouri), Golem (Mexico), Vive Afro (Colombia), Mood Magazine (Mexico), Palabrerías (Mexico), Raíz Invertida (Colombia) and other.
Holy Grail
while I was sleeping
the bird of fire delighted
between its wings
dream blazed—burning
terrors and elegies
I blossomed into flaming
violet while my
name, in silent flight
within my soul,
                   drank and sang
        until dawn
I Beg
my poor love, sitting there
crowned by the rain
in your head blooms a gale
sadness springs from every nail
sunlight striking
the glass with splendor
a mead tunnel screaming to infinity
Drown me in your sea!
                                      …salt, glow…
The Weaver
Light travels from
your lip to my lip
in a thread of drool
from your body to mine
weaving an Elohim
the size of
a rainbow
in my bed
naked gold
The Waiting
What a sad life!
How sad you are!
under the weather
a prisoner craving
a visión of the rose bloom
go and feel in
the rustle of your branches
a whisper from the icy grin
walking through the cervices
in the mud of your soul
Ah my girl!
in your stillness I behold
the lost spring
open your eyes to
the ocher silhouettes
in the trash
learn to dance.
Translation: Douglas Cole and María Del Castillo Sucerquia

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