Poems by Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Poems by Anoucheka Gangabissoon
The world is made of diversity and in it
We are to find unity!
The world itself is layered
Its living species varying
From starfishes to buffalos, yet,
It gives all of them
Their due depending upon
What their system needs without ever
Thinking that one species needs lesser
Than another one!
Similarly, it differentiates not
Between humans, giving them
Adaptation facilities depending upon
Where they live and how they need
To struggle for their own survival!
So, we, as elevated conscious beings,
Are to learn this lesson
From the world itself
And we are to behave
As it does
As only there where there are
Feelings of brotherhood and acceptance
Shall we be able to move on
And adjust to the growing hostility
Thrust upon the world by the
Keepers of evil shadows!
Dancing Kites
Dreams are meant to be held on to
As they adorn the skies,
So like colorful kites,
Played by children, as
Kites, and their mystical symbols
Have the same effect on me
As sad love songs do!
Dreams are meant to be lived,
As strongly as is our belief in them
And as they dance and flutter
To the flow of the winds,
I, become once more,
That little girl that I was once,
So full of herself
As to believe that someday
She shall conquer the world
And place upon it,
Her victorious flag!
Having grown older in age,
I still carry the heart of innocence in me
And if all of my dreams materialized not
To be what I yearned them to be
Well, like dancing kites,
I simply adjust my sails
To suit the new course of
Those winds known as tomorrow’s hope!
Love’s Energy
Love is an energy flow
Meant to be transferred
From one heart to another
But when it meets with a dead end
It can help not
But pounce back
Into the heart of the one who sent it
Causing that person
To love himself or herself
More than anything or anyone
Else in the whole universe!
Love is an energy flow
Sent from the skies themselves
To test the basis of our faith
And the depth of our belief
In them
As only after we emerge
As winners shall we be deemed as
Abiding and devoted enough
To gain an easy access
Into their realm!
And in its energy
I allow myself to shed off
The material attire that adorns me
So as to be submerged
In its enveloping essence
That I may be transported,
Without even realising it,
Into those worlds that dreams
Birth and write of themselves
Before being sent to us
While we slumber!
Love is an energy flow
Sometimes it is physical and material
At other times, it becomes
Cosmic and divine!
Love is an energy
And in its essence
Do I bask
As fluidly as poems
Filling up empty pages!

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