Olga Lalić – Krowicka (Serbia- Poland)

Olga Lalić – Krowicka (Serbia- Poland)
Olga Lalić-Krowicka – born April 2nd, 1980 in Šibenik, Croatia. Graduated from Slavic Philology at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. A honorary citizen of the Imperial City of Sirmium (Sremska Mitovica, Serbia), double stipendist of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Author of over ten poetry volumes, a drama collection, fairytales, etc. She has translated poetry and prose of Polish and Balkan authors. Her poems were translated to Bulgarian, English, Macedonian, Slovene, German, Ruthenian, Slovak, Spanish, Lithuanian, Belarussian and Russian. She draws, paints, photographs, designs book covers, etc. She also exhibited her art works twice in Valjevo, Serbia. She lives in Dukla in Podkarpacie.
A letter from heaven
Hmmm, the dragon, oh no, it will burn the wool of the white
Leo, not either, because it’ll bite the day fluffiness
Maybe the little elephant that the big cat catches
Ah, it is dangerous,
The cat can catch it before it comes to you
and then what?
Well, a Slavic water nymph, look, she lets her hair down ,
She plays the flute so wonderfully
No, she will play loudly and you get ears ache.
So what am I going to send you?
Aaaaaaa, a cloud of smile.
The two sick
one is lying in the street
in a pool of blood
with a broken leg
everyone helps
they call an ambulance
next to him
there is another sick
he laughs up to the clouds
and the clouds laugh at him
but they won’t help
they will kill his brain
with a human hammer
Don’t believe the honorable lies
which are dripping in pathos.
This anxiety is not the sea ships
that don’t like the space.
Don’t believe in
the cheers of honor
the sun which ruins the rain
it must always rain
to put out the hot sadness.
Caressing angel,
the chosen by dreams
he closes in a feather.
He is inspired by
the lily of the valley of memories
and suffering of the universe.
She hid her heartbeat
in the pocket of the nightingale
to save the earth from a hurricane


Translated by Alicja Maria Kuberska

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