Noah / Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov
The heart’s pendulum stopped
and the breath stopped
The thought is silent!
The word has dried up!
… and everything is warning
The skin is itchy!
The eyes see
But they are silent
… out of foreboding and fear …
Clairvoyant anxiety!
It is Clear!
… as if I’ve already experienced it
… as if I’ve seen it once before
That dark shadow
that relentless hug
of iced wings
of black and white feathers.
I’m silent!
I am a monument without landmarks
I am a signpost in the opposite direction
To drive you crazy
Whose name no one likes to say
You’re not welcome to anyone
Never loved
Not wanted by anyone
Hated by everyone!
… and you’re female
Just like her
from which you take away children
Since the immaculate conception
until the end of the world!
Prepare the ark!
Make the selection!
Leave me
in this eerie silence and darkness!
Take him
For existence to be fruitful
… and the dead silence of
the song of joys overpowers

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