WOMAN (Wonder of Creation) / Poem by Stefano Capasso

Wonder of Creation
When I was young
and outside it was snowing,
while the day
began to discolour,
by the fireplace
we snuggled
to hear from grandfather
his stories
always illuminated
from a shrewd moral.
One day, an Angel
seeing how much effort
in modeling
His Creature,
he asked curiously:
But why for Her
so much attention?
And the LORD,
almost resentful,
You can not
not even imagine
what weight it should bear
such a tender creature.
To be able to carry in the womb
and then embrace with love
her children,
as well as heal
bloody knees
but also
sorrowful hearts.
She then has to heal herself
when she gets sick,
she must be sweet and strong
to be able to endure
all with Love.
But Lord,
said the Angel,
you haven’t loaded too much
on the shoulders
of this creature
a great burden,
because I see
she starting to sweat
at the very thought?
NO NO, he replied
they are just tears
that sometimes
express pain,
but still others,
.. a Great Love.
This is’
the Wonderful Creature
of Creation
because she smiles
when she is offended
and when
she wants to scream
she is silent.
But she has only one flaw:
Often forget,
for too much love,
how big it is
her value to be
All rights reserved
copyright @
Author Stefano Capasso

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