A flower that blooms in the land of Dante – Stephanie Miola (Italy) / Critical analysis by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri

A flower that blooms in the land of Dante – Stephanie Miola (Italy)
Welcome to the Urdu world
Piedmont is a province of Italy located at the northern tip of the country.
Its capital, Turin, is famous for its beautiful architecture, traditional food flavors and delicious coffee
aromas. Coffee houses abound in the city, where Italian poets, writers, artists and intellectuals explore new
possibilities for ancient and modern trends in the fine arts.
Turin’s global fame stems not only from its traditional cuisine and historic buildings, but also from the
mountain range that stretches across eight European countries and is known to the world as the Alps.
According to Roman mythology, many peaks of this mountain are sacred, where Roman gods and
goddesses live with their families. Fourteen kilometers from Turin is a village called Castle Tornis, where the
beautiful Italian poet Stephanie Miola she lives.
Stefania Miola, who has won several prestigious international awards, won Italy’s most important annual
poetry competition and won a place in the major world poetry selections.
In today’s Italy, he is busy adding new colors to the creative landscape created by the famous twentiethcentury Italian poets.
Ada Negri, Aldo Palazzeschi, Alfonso Gatto, Andrea Zanzotto, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Salvatore Quasimodo,
Giuseppe Ungaretti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Eugenio Montele, Umberto Saba and Edoardo Sanguineti
Spilled his blood and liver. Stephanie is the custodian of this great creative heritage. Spirituality is the basic
color of his poetry and his own temperament is mystical. The spiritual aspect of her poetry in 21st century
Italy should not surprise Urdu readers that Stephanie Miola belongs to the land from which the great
philosopher Dante’s (1265) ‘Divine Comedy’ originated. ۔
Like a Sufi, there is a constant search in his poetry. This is a never ending search, this search has many
angles. Somewhere it is the search for truth, somewhere it becomes the search for the unknown,
somewhere the search is for peace and tranquility, somewhere this search is for the good man, somewhere
it is the search for the ideal society, one side of this search is its own. There is also the caste where she
looks like a Sufi seeking the knowledge of the caste. She also has a desire to find good poetry and through
this poetry she communicates with her soul. Truth be told, he has done serious work to strengthen the
connection between poetry and the soul.
As he reads his poems, he is repeatedly drawn to the feeling that he is standing right in the middle of the
universe, and the universe is slowly disappearing from all around him. One of the meanings of this feeling is
that he as Man is the center of the universe and its other meanings are how lonely he is in the universe as
an individual. This is the feeling of loneliness that haunts every great poet and philosopher. Stefania uses
nature to heal this wound of loneliness.
It is as if nature is the healing of this wound. The symbolic and metaphorical system she has devised to
express her love for nature is admirable. Sometimes she calls herself a cheek touching her mother’s throat,
sometimes she calls herself a lullaby emanating from her mother’s lips, sometimes she becomes the scent
of fresh milk, sometimes a voice coming from the outskirts of the universe, sometimes she So he chooses
the metaphor of the dance of raindrops, then the rainbow spread in the sky. In addition, the metaphors of
weeping, silence, wind, lush trees, frozen snow, sea waves and the rising and setting of the moon and the
seal are also very desirable for him. These symbols and metaphors have created a strange fascination in his
poetic universe.
Stephanie Miola has unveiled the face of the universe through her art, to know the beauty of the world
through the beauty of literature, the relationship with the book has helped her to understand life. The
development of art is very important to him. It gives the universe the status of art and our artistic activities
are a continuation of cosmic art. Art
Brings peace and harmony in the society and as a result hope is created in the society, enlightenment
comes in the society and windows of new ideas and ideas are opened. As you read Stephanie Moyla’s
poetry, you can hear the knock on the door of fame and glory that is slowly approaching her door.
I’m sure you spread your arms to Stefania Miola
Welcome to the Urdu world.

Critical analysis by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri

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