Mónika Tóth (Romania)

Mónika Tóth (Romania)
Mónika Tóth was born in Covasna on 14th April,1980. She is graduated high-school in Humanities at Körösi Csoma Sándor in Covasna and then she studied accountancy in her hometown. She is interested in culture and fond of reading, painting, philosophy and photography. She like Romanian,Turkish , Russian, South-American and Norwegian literature. She is passionate the poetry. Her new book of poetry “Soványít hiányod” is published with Hungarian language. Her new book of poetry “Tu ești roua dimineții” is published with Romanian language
“When I write, the world closes in around me, and there remains nothing ”
Come back to me
Come back to me
I will learn to live without you
But not now…
I can’t
I am not ready
Just please come back
I will do anything
I beg you
Come back…
I adore you
For you Vasile
Happy Birthday
You touched my life like no one else.
I could never forget you.
Because I adore you
I love you
I love you
I love you when you’re wrong
as much as when you’re right.
I love you when you’re up,
I love you when you’re down.
I love you when you smile.
I love you no matter
what you say or do.
your name
Happy Birthday ,dear friend
for you Vasile
To this day
Your name
Sweet taste my tongue
in silence
In silence then, I’ll just love you.
In silence I’ll find…
The fulfillment of my dreams.
I sit
As I sit with an empty soul,
not sad,
not glad but pissed,
thinking back on happier times
when those who are gone hugged
winter’s sun
tiny rays
My life’s a gush of tears
and only your kiss
could bring me back to….
in this world
cigarette butt
Today the sky is bluer
The world is beautiful
Roses look at us
The pen slips out of my hand
I am happy
Today the sky is bluer
About love
is a flower
With variety of colors

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