Sunita Paul (India)

Sunita Paul (India)
Hailing from the educational, commercial and cultural centre of Eastern India, Kolkata, Sunita Paul is an author, editor, publisher and humanitarian of international repute. She has authored 6 books and has edited more than 35 anthologies.
For her contributions towards literature, Sunita was awarded the prestigious Nazi Naman prize in the year 2017. She was also the recipient of the Literary Laureate Award for the year 2017 conferred by the World Nations Writer’s Organization, Kazakhstan. Recently she received the IndianAwaz Award in Kolkata.
In the field of humanity, Sunita Paul represents a number of organizations in India and abroad. She is also the National General Secretary of National Child & Woman Development Council (NCWDC) and National Human Rights & Anti-corruption Force (NHRACF) and the administrative persona in the World Institute Of Peace, Nigeria.
Sunita is also famed as an organiser of International Conferences Pan India. She is Founder of Aabs Publishing House, Kolkata and member of Atunis Board.
Poems by Sunita Paul
My heart aches when
I think about us broken apart
It feels completely lonely seeing you depart
My heart aches for your face, now lost in the crowd
Wish the silent beat could roar and cry aloud
I long to have you back but I know it is impossible
How I will deal with this heartache, time will only tell
My heart aches when I know that this time we are done
Though it’s true that you are my only one
My numb senses now doesn’t respond to my aching heart
I’m living with my dead soul, which has now become my inseparable part
Darkness taught me
The best lessons of life
Regardless of how dark is the night
However difficult maybe the grief or strife
Come what may, none can dim your inner light
Darkness taught me to stand strong
When life knocks us down
It showed me what’s right and wrong
How to deal with the miseries without any frowns
I learnt from darkness that it’s light which attracts the eye
But loyal shadows have more to say
Coz it’s they who know how to distinguish between a truth and lie
In the light and shadow game, it’s always darkness which shows us the way
My eyes remember
My eyes remember
My mother’s kiss on my forehead so sweet and deep
Every night when I used to go to sleep
My eyes remember
My father’s tensed face
When I used to compete in any race
My eyes remember
When my husband set his eyes on me
A silent promise to let me what I wannabe
My eyes remember
My kids’ growing years
With hopes, anticipation and fears
My eyes remember
Each pains and fears
How I smiled with hidden tears
My eyes remember
The backstabbing of my hypocrite relatives and friends
Some twist and turns on every end
My eyes remember
Each time how I failed and again tried
How badly i survived when deep inside I died
My eyes still remember
The betrayal and the lies
How each time I was fooled with open eyes
My eyes remember
Each and everything
How life has taught me hard to live as a human being
©® Sunita

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