The broken mirror / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny
The broken mirror
I used to search for identity
In the reflections of my mirror
Hidden of all other’s curiosity
Never changing,before or
The hidden mirror of illusion, fall
Broken to pieces.. By days of. Life
Others then me.. Strangers scroll
A different one, in each role
Every moment.Every year
Drew a line.. With
different angles
Laughing ripples in waves of fear
Joy in a corner.. In another, deep strife
All of a sudden. Illusions cracked
The truth of life, shown subtle…..
Wherever I look in my eyes.. I see you in
Sparkling like a star, in many flickering lights
Here is your tenderness, in pieces apart
There your smile, in every word i poured, in every crack of heart…
I feel back, the touch of love
The thread that glued the whole
And peace gets back within
Life, mine, of many shredded sights
Just.. the you in me..
Sustained bright…..
January 2021
(c)all rights reserved

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