Tales from the Garden of Eden (16) / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
Tales from the Garden of Eden (16)
Look my dearest at this bird feeder
A humming bird with a red neck
taking turns with his soulmate
to sip sugar. What a miracle it is
to see their invisible wings
Give me some of your sugar too
Tell me again that I am your angel
Say it to me a hundred times
so I can go to sleep smiling every night
Golden roses went to heaven
And the pink ones are born baptized
with cello music of Beethoven and Bach
playing colours in your eyes
These peony flowers in your garden
as if bursting stars from cosmic galaxies
veiled with secrets of death and life
Oh, tell me your secrets, your dreams
Allow me at least once into your mind
Let me flow like the river
within your stream
in your every vein,
in your every pore
Cleanse me from my sins
Wash me with
the innocence of yours
I comb the locks of the sky
seeking your thoughts
And the heaven opens the womb
to the secret garden
where flowers tiptoe around bees
where orchard’s breasts
feed apple trees
with ambrosia from the sun
I see two angels on a fig tree
sharing a fruit in ecstasy
And a bird, blue jay
mistaken for a rare blue flower
by heavenly flute hypnotized
And a sting of a nettle
that you took from me
with a blissful pain,
smiling tenderly
tingling in my memory
Our hands tangled
like vine on a tree
knowing not which is which
lost in daytime reverie
of fragile silence
broken by porcelain breaths
And a raspberry bush
with a promise of a
thousand crimson kisses
from your lips to my lips
From my lips to yours
drinking essence
of your dreams
You and I play every role
in the garden script
© Margaret Kowalewska
17 June 2020

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