Oh ! My Soldier … / Poem by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poem by Rajashree Mohapatra
Oh ! My Soldier …
Every time You headed off
To fight for the Nation on the front
Oh dear …
No words for the life’s act
To express my bleeding heart .
In gloomy days of dark clouds
The Nation craves with no sound
With a ray of hope through dark nights
You bravely stand as a glimmer of light.
You are the pillars of nation’s edifice
Each one honour your sacrifice
Song of glory , our hearts sing
And across the Nation , the applause rings .
Oh dear ! Hero of nation
Cross hurdles , nothing is impossible
Challenges you meet, make all possible
You are courageous , serve unknown
We salute you for your bravery known .
Rajashree Mohapatra©

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