Dr. Deepti Gupta (India)

Dr. Deepti Gupta (India)
Academic Record
Former Professor & Educational Advisor , Ministry of H.R.D.,
New Delhi, India
Served in the Hindi Depts of three top Indian universities :
1) Ruhilkhand University, Bareilly
2) Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
3) Pune University, Pune. ( Oxford of India).
4) The President of India deputed her against the post of Educational
Advisor in the Dept. of Education, Ministry of Human Resource &
Develpoment, New Delhi for a period of 3 years (1989 – 1992)
Published Books
Fiction :
1) Shesh Prasang,
2) Sarhad se Ghar Tak,
3) Hashiye Par Ugate Hue Suraj
Collection of Poems :
4) Antaryatra
5) Ocean In the Eyes
6) Dularte Shabd
7) Tulsi Ke Birave Tale
Research Books :
8) Amrilal Nagar – Human Values & Ideals
9) Amrilal Nagar – Historical & Social Aspect
10) Amrilal Nagar – Vision and Philosophy
11) Amrilal Nagar – Social & Cultural Aspect
12) Collection of Reviews
Edited Books :
13) Payame Zindagi Aur Suna – Edited (Collection of Nazm)
14) Waqt ke Aiyene mai – Edited (Collection of Nazm)
15) Lekhak Ke Aiyene mai Lekhak (Collection of Memoirs)
16) Timeless Stories by Munshi Premchand
Poetry , Stories, & Articles on socially relevant topics in t Hindi & English
got published in prestigious Literary magazines in India, America, Canada,
London, Muritius .
Significant Achievements
1) Two stories since 2008 got the honour to be the part of syllabus of
literature at Pune university.
2) Two poems have been included (in 2008) in the CBSC & ICSC
syllabus of Modern school which has its various branches at
Sharjah, Abu dhabi, Dubai, Milan and in the 14 states of India
3) Memoir on reputed senior writer (Late) Sri Amritlal Nagar received
much attention globally, had been published by Amazon library for
American students.
4) English – Hindi poems and stories got published in online e-magazine
Fanstory.com (American site). Some of the English writings have
been rewarded as "All Time Best" & "Recognised" by American &
European critics and regular readers
5) The Sunday Indian , a New Delhi magazine, 2011 honoured her as the
Best & Established Hindi writer who have contributed to Hindi
literature & Hindi language by her ‘ Creative Writing’ and ‘Teaching
6) Excellence Award, . (1987) from Ruhilkhand University for ‘The Best
& most dedicated Programme Officer, N.S.S since long.
7) Poetry & Fiction books are being translated in Bangla, Gujarati,
Marathi, Punjabi & English
8) Research work (M. Phil and Ph.D) on her Fiction books is going on in
some universities of India
9) English poems got the honour of being the part of World
Anthologies, like – online Atunis Galaxy , (Albenia), [The League of
Poets] World’s Biggest Anthology, 2020 , ‘Almanac’ (Mangolia) An
Anthology of Contemporary South Asian American Poetry, World
Nations Writers Union and ‘Pacific Poetry’, World’s Famous
Writers and Poems, World English Writers' Union
10) Poems have been translated by contemporary Western Poets in
Russian, French, German Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, Italian, Spanish,
11) ‘Seasonal Poems’, a collection of English poems published from
12) Complete Poetry book ‘Ocean In the Eyes’ is translated in three
languages – German (Ozean in den Augen), Russian (Океан в глазах)
French (Océan dans les yeux) and published by Rahim Karimov, a well
know & established Uzbek-Russian-Kyrgyz Soviet poet. Chinese
translation by Tian Yu (a researcher and director of International Society
of Archaeology & Historical Linguistics) is almost complete .
A number of Talks , Dicussions & Interviews on impt. issues, got relayed
by A.I.R. Delhi and Pune .
National Awards
1) TOP ‘Ratnawali Shikar Award , 2020’ for Poetry from Tulsi Hindi
Academy, Bhopal, , Function is on Feb 15, 2020
2) ‘Nobel Laureate KabiGuru Rabiendra Nath Tagore Award 2019’. From
Arpita Foundation’, Vrindavan, U.P.
3)‘Sarswati Shri Award , 2019’ from Women Organisation, Meerut, U.P. for
Literary Contribution.
4)‘M. P. Tulsi Academy Award, 2018’ Bhopal
5)‘Vidyavachaspati Award, 2018’, Vikramshila Hindi Vidyapeeth, Ujjain
6)‘Sahitya Bhushan Award, 2017’, U.P.Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow.
7)‘Premchand Katha Samman, 2017’, Hindi Academy , Mumbai
8)‘Kadambari Award, 2017’, Jabalpur for multifaceted literary Services
9)‘Ravindranath Tagore Sarswat Award, 2016’, B.V.P, Kolkatta, Bengal
10)‘Shabd Nishtha Award, 2016’, Ajmer, Rajasthan
11)‘Sahitya Shiromani Award, 2015’, Vagdevi Literary Academy Karnataka,
12)‘Gyanodaya Literary Gaurav Award, 2013’, Gyanodaya Literary
Organisation, Karnataka
13)‘Literary Gem Award, 2006’, Rachana Jagat, Kerala
14)‘Bhasha Shilp Shiromani Award, 2005’, Bhasha evam Sahitya Srijan
Manch, New Delhi
15)‘Bhasha Gaurav Award, 1995’, Shabdarth Anweshak Mandal, Bareilly,
16) Gyan Bhushan Award, 1 994’, Abhivyakti Sansthan,U.P.
International Awards
1) International Winner of the Poetry Contest, held by the ‘League of
Poets’ (2020)
2) Chinese Award ‘First Prize’ for poetry
3) Intercontinental Award for Poetry by Union Hispanomumdial De
Translation Work
Have been  in  the  field  of  translation  also for  the  last  16  years and rendered
services in  the  following   govt  and pvt offices and organisations  :
 1) Ministry  of Human  Resource, New  Delhi.. 2)  Directorate  of  Education,
Govt  of  India , New  Delhi. 3)  Translation  Bureau, Govt  of  India, New Delhi.
4)  Delhi  University. 5) Jamia Millia  Islamia, New Delhi., 6)  Agra University.
7) Ruhilkhand  University, Bareilly. 8)  Pune  University. 9) CASP, Pune . 10)
MIT, Pune., 11) Multiversity , Software Company, Pune, 12)  U.N.I.C.E.F., 13)
Knowledge Corporation, Pune, 14) MacgrowHills, New Delhi.
Amateur Artist ( Oil, Water colour and Digital Paintings)
Silent Bonding
Bonding with heart
Between two passionate persons
never comes to an end
No storm, no squall can ever uproot them
Neither harsh feelings can ever swallow them
Nor the gush of anger Can ever wipe them away
Can ever eliminate them up
they have been interwoven
Strand by strand for years with smiles & tears
Pure heart bondings grow up
strongly in the cradle of joy & grief
They are close knitted
With the invisible dainty emotional fibrils
When there is something Offensive between
Two Such intensely close persons
they refrain from talking to each other
In those moments their Silence speaks
Silent bonding is always deep and divine
It is so sublime that two persons don’t need
mundane words to transmit
their feelings to each other
Every throb of their heart
conveys those subtle feelings
miles away swiftly on their own
When between them
Silence begins to communicate
This means, they have developed
a soul bonding And bonding with soul is
over ‘n above everything
And for ever….!!!
Being a woman
A river flows within me
And there is compassion in my heart
I wear dreams in my eyes
And sunshine on my face
a Rosy smile on my lips
I breathe love, I sip love, I live love
I pour love, I shower love
I am a west wind, take away
The dead leaves of sorrows
And grow the flowers of joy
I have the power of creation & regeneration
You can prove your might
You can hurt me, you can cheat me
You can make me an extinct
But you don’t know my phoenix power
I will rise from my ashes
And transform into a new person again
I breathe in your grief & soothe your nerves
Because,I wish to see you in peace & harmony always
Woman – A Willow Tree
.A Woman is like a Willow tree,
is a superb gift to humanity on this earth
Woman like the Willow is
full of lushness of love & care
Willow twigs keep bowing humbly to the earth
That’s why it is called ‘Namra’ in Hindi
A Woman also carries this humbleness like Willow
Her rich, loving & generous innate nature
creates an oasis of love, harmony & peace.
Bible says – a Woman, like Willow tree,
is the harbingers of ‘stability’
Willow & Woman both are
known as the delightful combination
of grace and sorcery,
She has supple arms like
willows branches that curve down
to the ground and seem to weep silently ,
A Woman like Willow , as the Greek mythology, says –
Is the Symbol of creativity and magic
A Woman like the Willow evokes
a sense of amazement emotions & feelings
Both are the ‘gamut’ & ‘grand journey’ from frailty to empowerment.
Both delight the senses by their beauty and grace
inspire the morose heart
surge the desolate spirit
How intensely a Woman is a ‘Willow’ tree…..
Woman is very adaptive, exactly as Willow is
Although, they both needs
moist and cool conditions to survive
But both can bear scorching
sun and even drought
A woman’s roots like a Willow
are very deep ‘n Strong
They radiate far afield
Woman, just like Willow is the ‘First’
to get delighted & chirpy at the festive occasions
and last to lose her sheen
when the happy occasion is over.
Willows are among the first trees
to grow leaves in the spring
and among the last to lose their leaves in the fall.
A Woman gives birth to male-female like Willow tree
Willow produces male or female flowers
With their adorable shape, woman
like willow , creates a rich landscape of Life.
To some Native Americans
willows signifies protection
A woman like Willow, makes
people feel protected around her
Both are pious like a prayer
Like Willow, She removes
emotional & mental clogging
of whosoever comes to her refuge
and helps release the stuck emotions
A woman becomes a flute in love for its beloved
It becomes a colour & brush and a dream-catcher
as per the demand of her ‘Love’- he.
A Willow tree is considered pious by the
Woman is also pious like deity
Our society, we people, bore Willow
and a woman emotionally & mentally
still both of them hosts them
Chinese honour the willow
as a symbol of immortality
and renewal…….
Womanhood also goes hand in hand with
renewal & immortality
Woman & Willow both are superb sheltering refuge
Of shade and comfort
So never prune her emotions
and spray cold attitude on her
A Woman & Willow both have an established
place in literature & culture, all over the world.
Woman & Willow are ONE
With separate identities…….!!!

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