Linda. S. Goldberg (USA)

Linda. S. Goldberg (USA)
Writer, producer, educator L. S. Goldberg highlights footnotes to history and resurrects overlooked figures and events that left an indelible impact on our world. Produced, co-wrote, co-directed History of Fraunces Tavern & Early New York, with Lynn Sherr, correspondent, Philip Bosco, Tony winner, narrating film shown at Fraunces Tavern Museum for more than a decade. Finalist, semi-finalist in renowned competitions: Nicholl Fellowships, Austin Heart of Film Festival Screenplay Competition, Chesterfield Film Company, New Century Writer Awards, Scriptapalooza, New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition. The production of her play Yesterday Iran/Today Iraq at Midtown International Theatre Festival received rave reviews The John Harms Center for the Performing Arts selected That Lady from St. Louis for a staged reading and excerpts were published in Xavier Review. Recipient of state humanities’ grants and academic assistantships and honors; arts management consultant to Circle in the Square, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Second Stage; member of Dramatists Guild and New York Women in Film and Television. Taught drama, film, writing and literature at universities in Boston, New York, and New Jersey; this multi-hyphenate currently relishes exploring new venues for creating theater works in a social distanced Zoom reimagined world and participating in poetry readings. This wordsmith lover savors playing a wicked game of Scrabble.
3 Americas
“I can’t breathe.”
“I can’t breathe.”
“I can’t breathe!”
Pandemic. Economy. Election.
Election. Economy. Pandemic.
Economy. Pandemic. Election.
Shakespeare’s line “sorrows . . . come in battalions”
Meets the moment.
Confederate statues
Pulling down,
Falling down,
Coming down.
Fallen monuments leave a scar that festers
And a wound that never heals.
Dismantled mon-u-men-ts do not change
A man’s heart and soul.
A gulf so wide—no bridge, no tunnel,
no hand outstretched can overcome–
Tearing at the seams of a nation.
Will it hold?
Will it survive?
Will it exist?
Will it be a mere blip
In the history of the world?
A brief shining light
Like a meteor that burns itself out?
Freedom Exhales.
Las tres Américas
“No puedo respirar.”
“Me ahogo”
“Me ahogo”
Pandemia. Economía. Elecciones.
Elecciones, Economía. Pandemia.
Economía. Pandemia. Elecciones.
Nunca fue tan cierto
El verso de Shakespeare
“los males… llegan …en batallones
Estatuas confederadas
Los monumentos caídos dejan una cicatriz abierta
Y una herida que nunca sana.
Los mo-nu-men-tos desmantelados
No cambian el corazón ni el alma de un hombre
Un golfo tan amplio, sin puente, sin túnel, sin
ninguna mano
Extendida puede atravesarlo.
Desgarrando las
costuras de una nación
¿Será un simple parpadeo
En la historia del mundo?
Una breve luz brillante
Como un meteoro
Que arde y se extingue
La libertad agoniza.
Traducido por Magda Doyle

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