Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov 

Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov 
The Moon Was Breaking
The moon was breaking
On the river,
With a longing look
It watched Danica,
Naked in the shallows
How, foam from the clouds,
The body rubs
Sponge from the captured
Shooting star…
And, he had a burning desire
To lick her with a sickle
A mask of birch tears
From the face…
He hugged her from behind
Breathing the scents of medicinal herbs
Tangled in her hair,
Red as a rose…
He broke down,
Broke out of fear and shame,
Loaded with a hoop
Unknown number of Stars
What, kicking their feet
By eager silence
Painting a magical picture
Nights, full of hidden desires
On the spill moonlight
And, to one s own soul…
Here, where does your cry begin
The madness of fear of uncertainty
Take my roar here
Thirst for you
Muffled in my womb
Where do puppies go for a long time
The devil’s hints
Have a good thought
Through the air in silence
No voice and words
They recognize themselves, the same
You crazy in courage
I lost my mind in conviction
They would bring everything down in front of them
If they were to go
Guided by heated needs
To make it true
Meeting two beasts
Trapped in morals
Sacrifice in the pictures of purity
Fans in falsehood
We are turning the vassion over
We are tearing her womb
Vapeči vapeči
And neither is she
Not us either
Not even those beasts in ours
To the ogolella truth
They don’t dare to go
To merge with bloody bites
More gentle than a blink of an eye
The fire in the view
Which one cracks me up
And every word you say
He takes the hoops off me
Chains no longer have power
Just words on paper
Barley barley
I’m silent in the cramp of the drowner
So many screams
Stuck in the trachea
If I break my lungs
The storm will kill the silence
The beasts will be spoiled
Passions from my womb
With your call overnight
In the dead silence

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