Miljana Živanovič (Croatia – Switzerland)

Miljana Živanovič (Croatia – Switzerland)
Miljana Živanovič was born in Trpinja, Vukovar, Croatia. She lives and works in Switzerland, at the urging he publishes his poetry for the first time in 2017, although she has been writing since school days.
“A Walk in the Saffron Valley” is her first solo release.
Her poetry from that time is being prepared, and the books “Journey through the poetry of the world” and “Travelogue Plus” too on the international level are biographies of important people seen and written from her point of view who leave a trace in her life and work.
Participates in eight Anthologies in Serbian and English:
– Anthology of Serbian poetry and prose; USUA
– Anthology of World Poetry and Prose I; USUA
– Anthology Love is everything; Golden pen Knjaževac
– Anthology of World Poetry and Prose II; USUA
– Anthology of World Poetry and Prose III; USUA
– Atunis Galaxy Anthology Belgium – 2021 Anthology of Contemporary World Poetry
– Anthology Blood on the Sand 2, under the auspices of the Every Child Lifeline Charity Foundation
– Anthology of women’s poetry, Tunisia
– Dozens of joint collections and books with other writers together
– She also publishes poetry in English, Macedonian, Romani language
Miljana Zivanovic has been awarded several times for her work in her country and internationally:
– First prize at the literary international event “Gordana Koceva 2020” Macedonia
– First prize for “Lyrical Poetry 2020” of Macedonia.
– In December 2020, she received the award: the Diploma of the most prestigious award of the “Poetic Work of the International Literary Festival” of Macedonia.
– Out of 1567 writers, 30 best authors were selected, Miljana Živanović is one of the selected best writers for 2019. The award is given by the Association of Free Artists of Australia
– Several special awards of the literary association Golden Pen Knjazevac.
– In December 2020, he received a gold medal for Humanity from the Association of Balkan Artists.
She has been involved in humanitarian work since her early youth, caring for the elderly and infirm. In later years, she decided to dedicate a fast for abandoned children.
In 2020, she joins the Every Child Lifeline Carity Foundation. She says that it is the most prestigious award of her life.
She is a member of:
Literary Club Scene Crnjanski – Belgrade, Literary Club Art Horizont – Kragujevac, Golden Pen Knjazevac – Knjazevac, Association of Free Artists of Australia – Australia, Association of Writers of Serbia – Serbia and Association of Serbian Writers in the Homeland and Diaspora – Belgrade.
About Miljana Zivanovic they said, reviews:
“In her texts, you become participants with details that occupy you, with a story told in a suggestive way. It does not leave readers without interest for a moment and captures their attention.
As an author, she stands out from the mass of writers of traditional “female” love reading. In her poetry, she shows a strong feeling for a different need of modern consciousness, her own beliefs that there are crucial moments in a woman’s life. ” A separate review from the Anthology of Serbian Poetry and Prose.
Two reviews from her book:
Sasa Mićković, editor: “Miljana Živanović, a poet who prophetically observes an unseen, intangible and incomprehensible life expectancy for many. For her, love is the central motto and motive, people who are surrounded, represent a thought weft for a her philosophical approach to them and the mystery of life. However, Miljana, like any inspired artist, certainly has a supersensible, and that is the sixth multi-sensory element, which many people lack. “
Academician Dr. Miodrag D. Ignjatović: “This poetry is a psychological game between Her and Him, and in order to bring Miljana closer to the readers, we must say that her soul is woven from the finest yarn, as well as her the lyrics. It is prone to apperceptiveness – subsequent experience with the expansion of perception and reception…
In the end, this refined book is a small lesson to our good, mind-prone poetess, as well as to all readers, who will absorb all the elixirs of life, dreams and spiritual spheres from the book. The book “A Walk in the Valley of Saffron” is Miljana’s flag and delightful flight, which will be recognized by critics, academic experts and readers, who are mostly gathered around the poetess poetry. Connection betwen she and readers.
“I flip through the leaves
that have been flipped through so many times,
At the ends folded,
Significant moments marked …”
This is how Miljana write in her poem Stage and I,
and you who have a book in your property it’s one treasury of jewels, will recognize the undeniable talent, poetic ethereal melody, as well as above all the beauty of most verses! “
Are there places?
Dedicated to the fairy tale “Girl with matches”
Hans Christian Anderson, 1805-1875
It’s almost Christmas, something is missing.
I have to feel it
but I feel nothing.
I look at decorated houses,
wreaths on the windows
and streetlights …
And I have so many pockets
in they i wear
my birth from some spark of hope,
remnants of the past.
The night before Christmas, I lie down like a little girl
to warm myself in the cold snow…
I warm myself with matches on that icy night,
fire …
but the flame no longer wants to burn.
I dreamed of a beautiful Christmas,
but then no one thought of me.
And I pray to frozen hearts, stone cold:
Give me some light
one spark that can ignite heat,
yes, come and take me …
Is there place for me?!
Even now I still wander around …
I don’t sell sulfur sticks
because there is still love somewhere,
and someone’s warm hands
it will finally touch my face …
I will be merciful, I will be firm …
What will I give you for Christmas
it’s not for sale!
The flame in my hand,
My precious baggage from childhood …
Note: Andersen believed that God’s destiny is decided by God. In “The Girl with Matches”, a shocking fairy tale about a frozen, hungry girl who unsuccessfully tries to warm her frozen fingers by lighting matches on Christmas night. Andersen expressed a noble belief in a world better and more just than a world ruled by hunger, cold, misfortune. The girl froze on Christmas night. A dead grandmother seemed to her: “She,” says Andersen, “lifts the girl in her arms and flies into the glow, high, high; there was no more cold, no hunger, no fear.
The stage and me
I’m flipping through the pages
who have been browsed so many times,
folded at the ends,
significant moments marked …
I already know the text by heart.
Scene and me.
The lodges are empty …
Dim light to hide shivering,
water on the lashes,
worn out old clothes,
And … me without shoes …
And the voice is harsh, cheeky, defiant.
It’s almost like I’m shouting.
I started the sentence at the end of the chapter …
The mask of indifference suits me well.
And I stopped …
I told all of you too much.
I remembered that this was just mine …
Because …
I direc and act in this play
theatrical performances.
From thë book “A Walk in the Valley of Saffron”
White canvas laughs … ready brush and palette.
A sigh and a hand move …
I need to paint myself …
With a friendly, sweet smile,
Because of the order
I’m not upset anymore.
Mixed colors merge together.
Almost dazzling as a spark
Beautiful line, graceful …
My eyes adjusted to every movement,
Passion…passion movement,
Rhythm on canvas …
The “painter” diligently paints.
The portrait is finished
I’m glad the “painter” says, “Just look!”
The model looks expected.
But then my smile quickly disappears …
The portrait says with a lot of sadness:
“My eyes must be chestnut
And my bust must be steel
My hair is gray
Don’t deny it! “
I’m correcting the portrait,
To satisfy my model.
And I paint with a brush what is required of me …
I’m so sorry …
If only I could drop the brush !?
Stuck with its beautiful patterns
Angry about this imposed noose …
I’m painting the throne …
Your look becomes royal,
Dignified, not carefree,
The mouth expresses a calm gratitude.
Your descent from the canvas …
Wrapped in royal blue.
I notice our resemblance in similarities…
Your boundless loyalty …
Filled with gratitude,
And the announcement of your recognition …
With a bow,
You pay tribute to the “painter’s” presence.
“Good afthernoon Your Majesty, thank you!”
And camelliaformed out of nowhere on my desk.
Whose are they? Mine?
So unexpected,
I absorb that divine scent that spreads through the room…
I looked at her and wondered:
What does she know about me and come to me?!
Does she have something to tell me
or did she come to make me happy ?!
It would be enough for me to just make me happy.
But she has other intentions with me …
Each of its petals says a few words:
You are one of mine, she tells me.
Don’t go deeper, you won’t be able to get out …
The world is full of tricks, use your own.
Disarm them with joy.
And her voice calms me down, I listen to it carefully.
It is your power that the world can see
and at the same time the most humble.
Don’t please everyone, please yourself.
You said you would go and go.
Take everything that is yours,
don’t take anything else with you …
Don’t look back on nostalgia and lack of time,
step into the better.
Go in search of a new “I”.
Everything that is complicated, the time has come to reveal …
And go through your Triumphal Arch …,
the words of the camellia echo in my head.
I like what I hear,
or it’s just a wish to like it?
Her words are slowly creeping into my mind,
it flowed through every vein of mine
and stopped at my heart.
The camellia talking to me … I felt protected.
I want to trust her because I put
my life in her hands ….
From the book “A walk through the Saffron valley”
© Miljana Živanović

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