Poems by Szhayne Ansay- Villaverde


Poems by Szhayne Ansay- Villaverde




In Silence


Leaving you is the hardest thing to do

Because you are my breath, my pulse

my dreams, my life, my kryptonite

I am a silent warrior of my own deception


I have loved you more than I love myself

Never leaving me even a drop to beat

I am caged in a virtual drama

But in real, I suffer


I want to breath, have a life

I want to co-exist like your own shining star

We do differ, I need self-respect

Letting go of my spirit  is the only option


Upon leaving the bastion

I see a free soul  in the horizon

With a bright smile, of love

Not suffering in Silence.




In More Ways than One


In more ways than one…

We were connected at more levels than we realize

We agree to disagree

Communicating our shortcomings and needs

Understand unconditionally


In more ways than one…

We met not by chance but by fate

We accept and became friends at an instance

Letting go and fully accepting each other

We are so right and don’t wanna let go


In more ways than one…

We were available physically and emotionally

Had dinner, walked home, asked about thoughts of life

We feel protected and cherished

A soul mate must recognized and fulfilled


In more ways than one…

We dreams in sync

Similar interests, ambition and goals

We exists together in harmony

We are soul mates ideologically


In more ways than one…

We both change emotionally for the better

A new understanding, new experience,

A new solution with each encounter

We both change our lives together


In more ways than one…

We increase awareness

Constantly forces one to confront (the) self

Give each other self-confidence

We have the power to make the magic happens





Ice Fortress


To depart from accustomed ways

Pulling away with a burst of speed

Decades of deprived liberty

A captive of my destiny


You were once my paramount chief

A checker that has been crowned

One’s that hold a preeminent position

Unto the battleground I fought but had’nt won


You were my czar, hiding in king lions lares

And  build a monarchy

Like a sham travesty

Antithesis of paradoxical fantasy


Delusive appearance of affinity

Phantasm of memory

A trance or ectasy or revelation

Breaking one’s heart was the only option


In the silence I hide violence

a narcissistic lover berate my existence

I seek refuge in melancholy

and sang often of lamentation


I feel the need to be carefree

Not living in a nightmare

In the darkness of my soul

In a bridewell caged and vituperated


The chamber is intensely cold

Lacking warmth or ardor

Apathy, impassive and frigid

Feeling numb and insensible


I can’t freeze the time

But I can feel the moment

Letting go, break me free

Unto the bastion of ice fortress




I am Malala, A Pastun Diary


I am the Anonymous Voice of Pakistan

I desire to be educated

For girls is not to be a trophy wife

But given a chance, to have equal rights as of men


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

Who wrote an anonymous diary against Taliban

The youngest person who won Nobel Peace Prize

The winner who fought with her younger brethren


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

I was shot in the head by the Gunman

An act that catapulted to International fame

After surviving in the dramatic assault


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

Chronicling the fears of school girls

Under the shadow of Taliban

After I was named Time Magazine

Most Influential people in 2013


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

I am only 11 when I wrote the Pashtun Diary
Under a pseudo name Gul Makal
a heroine from Pashtun Folktale


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

Who fought for the rights of school girls

For forbidding girls to be educated

That is my primordial concern


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

I documented the anxiety of my friends

For fears of being targeted by militants

Attending classes in disguise, so as not to draw attention


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

A passionate campaigner

Who speaks freely

And documented my life in hiding


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

I had continued my campaign

Reading my diary for BBC Urdu

Sharing my life using pen name Gul Makai

I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

I don’t want tobe thought of a girl

Who was shot by Taliban

But the girl who fought for education


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

Let us pick up books and pens
They were the most powerful weapon

For one child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world


I am the anonymous voice of Pakistan

I dream the peace in every home

Every street, every village, and every country

I am Malala Yosefsai, I will always be the anonymous voice of Pakistan






The leaves comes rustling

As the wind blows through the trees

Rub against each other

A quick succession to go further


Winters gone, spring and fall

Dried leaves creates a melody of hope

Fit for nymphalid Kallima

Ephemeral brief or momentary adieu


Foliage like passion

Colors in harmony with reaction

A conscious emotion/ devotion

An overwhelming fleeting of affection


Holding together

Adhere as if glued firmly

To hold on tightly or tenaciously

Lingering for momentary dependency


When the last leaf falls

Times more saunter

That causes delay

The sound leisurely fades away

Till the last leaf falls and vanish like a memory



(Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde – April 19, 2014)

Copyright (c) 2014 by Szhayne Ansay-Villaverde, All Rights Reserved.

Memoirs of Szhayne, A Collection of Poetry and Photography


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