KIBATEK – 40 Global Poetry and Literary Festival – Highlights Renowned Contemporary Poets of 21st Century / Written by Caroline Nazareno


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KIBATEK – 40 Global Poetry and Literary Festival

Highlights Renowned Contemporary Poets of 21st Century


Written by Caroline Nazareno



The KIBATEK chronicle continues. Its 40th international series, a Global Poetry and Literary Festival will be held in Dubai on June 1st – 4th 2016. The Zing- Events, a Dubai based company will be its official organizer, managed by the dynamic mavens, Zainab Malik and Aydin Momtaz.


KIBATEK Vice-President and International Project Coordinator Leyla Isik together with Anca Mihaela Bruma, Dubai Project Coordinator work in collaboration for this festival of global poetry and literacy.


Beyond  arsenal poet-stars’ red carpet, the ground-breaking Turkish literary foundation will devote considerable attention to poetry readings, workshops, craft of poetry and other literary activities of contemporary, revolutionary poets from 15 countries.



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KIBATEK (Cyprus – Irak – Balcans – EuroAsia – Turkey Literary Foundation – founded in 1998 by Dr. Feyyaz Saglam, is and always be a prime bridge, an impetus toward brotherhood and solidarity. The gilt-edged event’s leitmotif is: ‘’Poetry, Golden Bridges Among Peoples’’.


Anca Mihaela Bruma, the Dubai Project Coordinator, an internationally multi-awarded poet-artist, educator, scholar and marketing virtuoso, underscores: “POETRY opens ways for deep changes in individuals. It is also the VOICE for the great historical, social, spiritual and cultural changes and revolutions. From prehistoric times poetry has shaken, freed and transformed the AWARENESS, sensitivity and emotions of the Mankind. Poetry encourages a vision for Future, it is the VOICE of a new History, a Language of a new Life!!! POETRY is deeply connected to the wide leaps of collective awareness, able to materialize and spiritualize the invincible dream of Life’s spring!’’


Anca fell sheer into the challenge as the KIBATEK 40 – Dubai Project Coordinator.  Her words compliment UNESCO’s keynote, “Poetry is the mainstay of oral tradition and, over centuries, can communicate the innermost values of diverse cultures.” Maria Miraglia, on the other hand, the KIBATEK 39 – Italy Literary Director, indubitably supports the same very idea:  “I have the firm conviction that the divisions among nations are not caused by the diversity of the skin colors nor by the different languages spoken of….or…, but by the diversity of their values. For a world of Peace they should come to a meeting point on the meanings of peace, brotherhood, freedom and common welfare.”


KIBATEK 40- A redefined history: A venture to more innovative and evolved hybrid of poets, poetry and other ART forms. The re-establishment of one’s noteworthy function to represent the encyclopaedia of surviving cultural traditions. A time to rebuild the humanity’s ship of empathy, respect and freedom.


KIBATEK 40 – Our multi-essential heritage, our identity, our success, our celebration!


KIBATEK 40 – More Than An Assemblage Of Poets And Poesies

The 21st Century Contemporary Poets from 15 countries will come and jubilate together in global poetry and comradery to the thriving ultramodern desert and skyscraper-filled skyline city of Dubai.

The festival does not only ”creates space for multicultural and multidisciplinary integration of Poetry and Art” but also a literary arena that promotes, empowers, enlightens, transforms and transcends all genres to a unified voice and summit of life’s real purpose.


KIBATEK 40 proudly presents the poetry divas, two masterminds converge, two  global litterateurs- Anca Mihaela Bruma and Leyla Isik!



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The International Project Coordinator, Leyla Isik, as well the board member of KIBATEK Literary Foundation and  KIBATEK 40- Project Coordinator for Dubai (right) and Anca Mihaela Bruma,  KIBATEK 40 – Project Coordinator for Dubai (left).




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ZING-Events DXB in review:

‘’Zing-Events DXB is a team of specialists from all over the world who come together to make things happen for your concept, company or event. Our diverse experience ranges from pure marketing, to creative design, to digital, social media and web development, specialized events connected to workshops, wellness seminars, market days, art & music vents, concerts, sports events, turn-key entertainment solutions.’’


Zainab Malik – President of Zing-Events DXB (right) and Aydin Montaz – Vice President of Zing-Events DXB (left).



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Zainab Malik is a result driven Marketing Consultant with more than fifteen years of business development experience working in the education, medicine, banking, fashion and franchising sectors. Proficient in networking, public relations, client relationship management and has worked with companies ranging from small startups to large businesses such Julius Baer, Szabist and Francorp.


Aydin Momtaz is a fitness and wellness expert with 20 years of experience in the fitness, fashion and events industry. His mission is to empower individual wellbeing by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness. Through research, carefully thought out initiatives, roundtable discussions together with latest wellness evidence. (Texts credit ZING-EVENTS Pdf.)




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Writen by Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz   


Multi-awarded poet-journalist, educator and women’s advocate

World Union of Poets President and International Director

World Poetry Canada and International Director-Philippines

Galaktika Poetike Atunis-Board Member


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