I TOOK OFF ALL MY SINS – by Leyla IŞIK / Translated by Baki Yiğit

leyla isiç
Poems by Leyla IŞIK
When you went away,
Having pulled your skin back from my skin,
And detached your hands from my hands,
I was an innocent child.
My dreams were stark naked
As I didn’t know how to rebel…
Now I’m injuring my dreams
By a two-edged knife
Of being without you inside me.
I’m bleeding all the flowers.
In my love garden
Are being ensanguined the jasmine,
The white rose and the carnation…
They are fading in my hands.
My pool of tears are drying,
I cannot green you again.
I cannot console Me
Who is you inside me.
Nobody knows that!
“I took of all my sins tonight…”
I cannot quiet my heart.
Banned words are falling from my mouth.
I’m telling to the mute walls.
Time is becoming silent.
Hour and minute hands are falling apart.
Translated by Baki Yiğit
August 10, 2011, 01:15 p. m., the hour when you are absent

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